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  1. flat washers work as well as retrieval balls
  2. Throwline tangle problems

    as above, but i also run a munter hitch down a new line a few of times, don't put anything on the loose end so any twists can come out
  3. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    In relation to bringing a new product to market the cost of the video is virtually nothing
  4. Rope Wrench and CE marking

    Tethers are not made buy isc and the same tethers are available under different brand names
  5. Ronin lift battery powered ascender

    It's going to be. CE certified to what standard is the question that's not been answered an probably why you can't pre order
  6. Goundie York 23/24 Feb

    bump call me on 07831836040 to discuss
  7. Goundie York 23/24 Feb

    Looking for a Groundie to help out on the 23/24 feb york area, must have own saw,ppe and transport. General tree work experience is prefered May lead to other days/weeks work in the coming months drop me a pm or email craig@johnsonstreecare.com cheers
  8. The Best Throw Line

    Liros slick line from heave, with the round tubs. 1.7mm dynima over fishing line no tangles last on lasted 8 years
  9. Experience Doing Tree Work in Hong Kong

    Hi Jon, nice to see you on here, give my regards to your dad please. cheers craig
  10. you don't have to use a hitchclimber to make a o-rig
  11. except only pull down a couple of times before tending the slack, otherwise you will be developing the risk of o fall
  12. Back up bridge

    i think there is a distinction to be made for clarity, what we are talking about is a secondary back-up bridge as opposed to a actual second (approved) bridge.
  13. Back up bridge

    just a 30 second search http://www.arboristsite.com/community/threads/more-cougar-bridge-failures.194637/ Customising PPE | Treemagineers Blog
  14. Back up bridge

  15. Back up bridge

    thanks the onyx uses a small rigging plate for attachment, so if you put a second bridge in, there is no other lower d attachment point never tried the nikosi but its looks a bit 'different' in concept


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