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  2. Hortech, Idverde. What area are you in.
  3. Stubby

    They dont make em like they used to in 1959

    Thank you . 🙂
  4. I've been very happy with my tri axle. I'm glad to have the extra axle braking here on the steep hills in Devon. The forwarder that I mostly transport is by it's nature an uneven load, and the trailer handles it well.
  5. Rough Hewn

    Tree pits

    I've had to smash the metal grate out of a tree before stump grinding. [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]
  6. Gary Prentice

    TPO and conservation area App

    I doubt it, considering that lots of LAs don't even have up to date interactive mapping or their TPOs online as it is. There is a data.gov site where the LAs have provided information - but even that is incomplete and or inaccurate. It's a great idea for an app but I can't see how you'd get all the information to create it.
  7. Husqvarna King

    the 'todays job' thread

    6600? Just seen that it's a7600, great machine and will be going long after all these modern pieces of crap are dead and burried
  8. peatff

    Stihl 462

    I've looked at videos and pictures of them and although I get by with my little 135 I would really like one of these
  9. Just because you are schizophrenic, does not mean they are not out to get you all  .  .  .

  10. Today
  11. David Humphries

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Few fungi noted fruiting at Burnham Beeches over the last week. Serpula lacrymans Phlebia radiata Fomitopsis pinicola Fomes fomentarius Schizophyllum commune Fomitopsis betulinus pore parasite Stereum hirsutum Hymenocheate rubiginosa Pluerotus ostreatus Kretzschmaria deusta Fomitopsis betulinus
  12. Khriss

    Jas wilson at Blenhiem with TP chippers

    Glad to see TP chipper still going. They were solid, K
  13. Wayne Flack

    Utility Arborists

    We are currently seeking experienced and enthusiastic utility arborists to join our team on the SSE Contract South. Previous experience of utility work is required. Excellent communication, client liaison, good leadership skills and a sound knowledge of trees and shrubs, are all requirements for this role. Full driving licence essential. The role will involve performing all climbing duties, pruning, identifying basic trees and shrubs, demonstrating sound risk assessment skills, and good customer service. In return, we offer an excellent salary band £37,000 - £41,600 (+ Bonus Scheme) payable based on suitable qualifications and experience, with the opportunity to progress through our extensive training program. Minimum certification required would be - CS30/CS31/CS38/CS39/CS40 UA1/UA2.1/UA2.2/UA2.3/ Woodchipper To apply for this role please email your CV and covering letter to wayne.flack@jsagroup.org For enquiries please call 07934 072250
  14. Willjj

    Ident help please

    Cheers all, thanks for the help.
  15. Stubby

    Climber looming for work

    He is " bobbin " about a bit .
  16. Jonny69

    Arblease how it works

    Dealer margins on cars are terrible. If they had to sell cars with no finance or servicing they would all be bust in a week. It's the manufacturer that is taking all the profit from the sale of the new vehicle not the dealer. Which is why most manufacturers are self financing or PCPing in order to allow more people to be able to afford ever more expensive cars. On a side note how is a poverty spec Golf ever worth 25K or an Audi A6 nearly 50, its madness. Also, sometimes they dealer has a stocking loan with a lender. If they don't put a certain amount of borrowing their way in a month or quarter then the rate goes up on the stocking loan. Always a handy question to ask if you want some cheap finance and they are short one month.
  17. 64treefrog

    TW125 feed rollers

    Thanks for input guys. It did cross my mind to buy new rollers but as I've been living in Yorkshire for over 25yrs now I find it hard parting with 'Brass'. Will attempt job and see.
  18. Andysp


    Thank you for taking the time to reply.I bought the wrong one ordered this one hopefully it will do the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gauge-Cha...72.m2749.l2649
  19. struie

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    especially people, you r a lucky man.
  20. Ratman

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    I would assume its previously been neglected then, shame for it.
  21. Mark2

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Nice job ! That’l put 20 years on the life of that one.
  22. tree-fancier123

    Poorly Horse Chestnut Tree

    most of the cost of a removal is getting rid of the crown - you could ask for a pollard at 8ft where it forks just above the fence, then if the regrowth is strong you can cut it yourself off a ladder every 3 years, possibly worth a try
  23. Nimby

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    Yes, the tree was TPO'd, not long after the land was purchased, due to a in coming Planning App.
  24. westphalian


    Sorry that is BS. My brand new LR 90 had a design feature that allowed water ingress to escape easily. The doors wouldn’t shut properly. My wife, who is not a car designer or manufacturer argued water was only getting in for that very reason. I told her to keep to what she knows best
  25. Conner

    tow ball question

    When we used to for towbars for Witter they stated. A drop plate can only be used as a drop plate. The towbar is designed to have the load either as designed or lower due to the fulcrum effect. I suppose it comes down to it being a “Drop plate” not a “raise plate”. If a customer wanted the ball higher we would supply adjustable ball. Or modify the trailer to suite.
  26. AJStrees

    can someone help ID what tree is this?

    You may well be right.
  27. MattyF

    Sell DDRT rope/gear? Commit to SRT?

    XTC makes nice lowering rope. Not many folk will but second hand rope.
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