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    Excellent condition, no rips or tears, only worn a handful of times. Size medium, I'm 5ft 10", 40" chest and it fits perfect. The Pfanner KlimaAIR Forest Jacket brings together the Stretch-AIR and Klima-AIR technologies, creating a durable, water and dirt repellent jacket that is suitable for all seasons. The Stretch-AIR fabric provides mobility and breathability, which are essential attributes for those working in the forest. Plenty of ventilation can be gained through the zip openings in the arms and the vented area in the back. The arms can also be removed turning the Pfanner KlimaAIR Forest Jacket into a functional gilet on warmer days. The Klima-AIR lining keeps the body cool in warm weather and warm in cooler weather, helping to regulate body temperature and reducing heat accumulation. The shoulders feature waterproof, abrasion resistant shoulder panels and the outer fabric features water resistant and dirt repellent properties. Jacket is lower at the back to provide protection to the back and kidney area. Two breast pockets and two front pockets provide ample storage.


    Hamilton, South lanarkshire - GB

  3. Priceless info. Thanks for those wise words and what you say rings true what you know about the Joinery sector. You have set me on the right road for sure. We get some unusual lumps of timber in all shapes and sizes and I loath to convert some of it into firewood. Got a 30" dia 2.5m length of Cherry just arrived - perhaps set it to one side for now.
  4. I’ve got a Canon 8” and 14” which I use on MSA160 and MSA200 respectively . They seem to run well and I find the 8” especially good for fine work. However I prefer to use the Sugihara R7 12” ‘tough carver’ bar for most of my carving. They are designed for the Stihl saws. Rob at Chainsaw Bars sells them. SL2A-4P30-A Sugihara Tough Carver R7 Tip 12"[30cm] 1/4 .043 64 dl WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK SL2A-4P25-A [Stihl Only] Sugihara Tough Carver R7 Tip 10" 1/4 .043 56 drive links
  5. Here you go just needs a clean & based on Leeds
  6. I don’t know the different sorts tbh.
  7. The company that provided climbing training by me has had to stop engraving as the LOLER training said that appropriate methods of marking are: Carabiner – Lightly engraved preferably on a nonload bearing part (e.g. base of the gate on the carabiner) but only when approved by the manufacturer which it never is... DMM says "Do not mark or Alter" in their manuals. Which I agree is silly but if they say "You can engrave the carabiner to mark them" Someone will have at it with a dremel and a large router bit. Petzl allow it though: https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/FAQ/is-it-possible-to-engrave-a-carabiner-and-how-can-i-identify-a-metallic-product-when-its-serial-number-is-no-longer-decipherable
  8. Today
  9. Parked my tuck for over 3 Months and now I've noticed the tipper isn't working but the truck starts and runs as normal. Noticed a dodgy wiring but really need some advice because the hydraulic is working but not getting any power for the truck to tip. Could it be sometime electronically wrong with the switch or the dodgy wiring as illustrated......?
  10. Upping their game somewhat. I've always held Echo in almost the same regard as Husky and Stihl, I wonder how long till we consider them one of the 'big three'?
  11. Parked my tuck for over 3 Months and now I've noticed the tipper isn't working but the truck starts and runs as normal. Noticed a dodgy wiring but really need some advice because the hydraulic is working but not getting any power for the truck to tip. Could it be sometime electronically wrong with the switch or the dodgy wiring as illustrated......?
  12. Harry12345

    Hill Field

    Really helpful and easy to dump, arranged over phone and done in 30 mins! Available at very short notice 👍
  13. I'll have to check. Certainly feels as if it's built like a tank anyway!
  14. Phil is a great instructor [emoji106] You could also try Dave Uden Arborex - NPTC Training & Assessments WWW.ARBOREX.CO.UK Arborex Specialise in bringing you bespoke NPTC Training & Assesments to suit your needs
  15. Hi. Does anyone know of anyone down in the South East who can work on my Landrover Defender MEWP Gardner Denver. Photos as attached. Thanks. Steve
  16. Gav73

    Smoking wood

    Good point 👍🏻
  17. Woodchips required for paths at allotment.
  18. Peter Malin

    Trelaske Cottage

    I have need of wood chips to for my allotment/garden paths
  19. Stephen Beard

    Stephen Beard

    We live on a small farm with plenty of space for woodchips.
  20. ☺️ started out there many moons ago! K
  21. ( the Common got droves of it and its all failing too at 30 years / 10m just rubbish)
  22. Oddly, it was on the list fr diving this year, dunno how it would stand with Customs, funniest thing was my big dive knife goes in stowage ( they see it on the scanners obvs) she dont use a dive knife and spent hour at security as they were convinced she had it hidden on her 😆 K
  23. They chew through the bags for me. we had a feral ferret for a month or so- cheeky bugger came into the mess room and ate the cat food! Didn’t mind as it would keep rats down too but I think the cat and it had a disagreement cause I’ve only got one left 🤷‍♂️
  24. I try and bring mine in a day or two before I use them, and also try and sit them in front of the burner for an hour or so before I put them on, just to get rid of any lingering moisture before they go in the stove. Even logs that I've dried for 9 months in a polytunnel before burning can still seep a bit of moisture when stood in front of the fire. I presume that's moisture they've reabsorbed in the damper winter months as I'm pretty sure they were fully dry at the end of summer. I do live in a damp Welsh valley though.
  25. I do, yes. It doesn't get used that much, but when it does it's very handy. It's mainly used on landscaping jobs so I've not used it much on soft ground, but I've used it on jobs where its moved full grab lorrys worth of stuff over grass without too much trouble or mess. You can get a dual wheel kit for them I think, which should make a difference On yesterday's job we were putting the logs in it that the little chipper couldn't deal with, probably saved 15 trips to the truck!
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