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  2. Thanks for all the helpful advice. As a result I am getting some green, softwood delivered for £15 a cube.
  3. Just started up my tree and garden maintenance business bases near sevenoaks and I need a hand a few days a week , mainly Monday to Wednesday. If you think you could help or know anyone please get in contact. Thanks , Archie
  4. I had a 300tdi defender, they really do tow well, plus when it’s icy the constant spray of hot oil out of the engine/gearbox/transfer box/diffs aids traction. I had two hilux in the late 90s early 2000s, the first normally aspirated, ok but really lacking in power, the second a turbo, much better but terrible lag, neither were a patch on the Ranger I have now 155 hp, pulls my 2.5 tonne machine no probs, all under warranty. ‘Longevity?’ I’ll get a new one in the summer. You know this stuff is tax deductible?
  5. What size bars Steve?
  6. Alex Tindle @ Bearwood NewForest - highly recommend. Pm if you want his contact details. Alaskan Mill and Mobile Bandsaw
  7. The most worrying part to me about this situation is the date on the paper is the 10th December!!! It has taken 3 months for this to be published, how many uses of a zig zag have occurred in the World in those 3 months? could another potential accident have been prevented if this info had been available?
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  9. TD Tree & Land Services have a vacancy for an experienced arborist in our busy Edinburgh Team. Requirements: Punctual and personable Experienced climber capable of tackling trees of any size and choosing the appropriate method to carry out the task. (a minimum of two years climbing experience) A good understanding of tree biology and how to prune a tree to a high standard. A can do attitude. Pre requisite qualifications: (NPTC) Chainsaw and small fell Tree climbing and aerial rescue Chainsaw from a rope and harness Driving license Desirable qualifications: (NPTC) Rigging / Dismantling Pruning Assisted fell Wood chipper Powered pole pruner Large tree felling Windblow We would also welcome anyone with formal academic qualifications such as AA Tech or Foundation Degree What we're offering. Salary around £24k plus bonuses and additional rates for weekend or night working. The opportunity to work for an Arb Assoc Approved company where you will be encouraged to gain new skills, training will be provided in areas where you are wanting to improve. We have an excellent suite of equipment including tractors with cranes and Unimog with HIAB as well as the usual vans and chippers, all our climbers can get the climbing equipment that they want or need on the company (you choose the kit you want to climb with). We also have a consultancy and ecology division and we would encourage climbers who wish to pursue a career in this direction in the future to gain new skills and be ready to work as a consultant when it's time to hang the spikes up. Please apply by emailing info@tdtrees.co.uk with your CV or a brief intro and leave your number, we'll call you. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD AND EXPECT A CALL. you may ask questions below but you'll get a quicker response by email.
  10. Forst good but don't keep beyond warranty period. Some reliable, some not
  11. Sometimes stoves are set up that way, particularly in modern well sealed houses. Houses are that well sealed nowadays that you can’t get a draw unless you keep a window open (which kind of negates the point of running a stove!). You also don’t pull the warm air from inside the house into the stove and up/out of the chimney, you use cold air from outside.
  12. The Eliet and Bugnot are shredders, I just spotted that Bugnot have some PTO versions which might be a bit less pricey. Otherwise Greenmech seem to have a chipper/shredder the EcoCombi with two infeeds, which is probably a bit more useful in reality.
  13. Bought a dogmatic cos he was pissing me off too much. Absolute life saver. Still pisses about but it doesn't matter as I have full control over the little sod.
  14. O.K. I shall pop a small piece of wood in the oven the next time the wife has it on, and leave it overnight in the decaying heat. Cheers mth Though I suspect the alogrithm may "break down" as one aproaches 0.00% moisture content.
  15. hamzah

    Stoke hill allotment

    If you contact me I can be at the allotment in short time and I'm flexible with timings. Only from natural wood and trees please.
  16. Today we,ve had rain,sun,wind and to top it off a heavy snow storm and now its supposed to freeze,a few miles down the road they say when the Severn peaks tomorrow afternoon it will most likely top the flood barriers
  17. Been there before, been given a doctored one in the past, not going down that road again. If anything have a better working relationship with the TO now.
  18. ATCO Quattro 22S V 4in1 53cm SP Lawnmower | More Than Mowers WWW.MORETHANMOWERS.CO.UK Buy the ATCO QUATTRO 22S V 4 in 1 lawnmower from authorised ATCO dealer | For larger lawns - a comfortable... These any good? Local dealer is doing them. Same price.
  19. Phome martin as should be there this evening 01874 638827 will come to narbeth i am sure
  20. Why should there be? Most of them will be specified for G30W30 and the power stations were accepting 45%mc. Mind on the installations I worked on which were supposed to burn G30W30 I never measured a sample drier than 40%. The thing to remember that it's not dryness that decides how clean wood burns its the combination of the time the wood and offgases have to reside in the fire, the turbulence that causes mixing of the gases and the temperature the various species of chemical produced in reactions are subject to. A big installation can satisfy all these ans still burn wet wood, a small domestic stove cannot.
  21. Jai


    Clean wood chips required. Easy field access with large area for offloading.
  22. This one is a copper etching by Ian Westacott called Brahan Elm. The detail is exquisite.
  23. Good point, and well done for dragging the inof out of the Council. If there's no SCZs, there would be an initial preference for introducing them before considering banning the sale of pollutiong fuels. And surely a ban should be based on population density or measured existing pollution? The government currently does exactly nothing to police the suitability of wood burning stoves in SCZs. A list is published every now and again of makes and models that comply with the higher standard for stoves in SCZs. If you waited for it to be updated you'd never buy a stove; models have been known to go out of production before they make it onto the scottish list. Instead pretty much anyone who cares just buys a DEFRA approved stove (english standards), which mostly eventually make it on to the scottish list. Again, requiring compliance with stove spec is something that could be done long before banning wood. There's also the possibility of phasing out non-compliant stoves even in non SCZs. It'll be interesting to see how th english regs are to work. Will it be illegal to give away wood? WiIl it be illegal to possess it? To transport it? To burn it? Are they going to pull the burning log out of the fire and check its humidity as evidence?
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