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  2. Was doing wage calculations this morning for the guys to get off to accountant with plenty of time. Sent one a text confirming calcs were right and letting him know when to be at the yard Tuesday morning. Got a text back telling me that he made calcs £5 less but he'll take it as I don't pay him enough and moaned about me waking him up. I obviously replied that I don't make him go to work. He chooses to. And not to give me shit about it. If he doesn't want to work for agreed pay then don't work. Very simple. He turned it round saying if that's what I want and I don't appreciate him etc. So I said NO, I'm saying we agree a rate of pay for you to work. You don't like it, you don't have to work. If he wants to earn more then learn to drive. Until then, as explained before, there is nothing more I can do with him so man up. He then said some BS about coming from a guy who can't do simple maths. To which I said, ENOUGH, I added a fiver onto your half day rate on a day this month as a courtesy, stop being a child. Give me your decision by the end of the day. This is all fresh and I know what to do really but can anyone else see this from any other perspective than mine? I'm flabbergasted really. I'm think along the lines of tell him to take a month off or firing him outright but not sure where I stand legally. No disciplinary has been done. Really I see no other route than firing or he'll rot out the apple cart but in some ways he's quite an easy chap to get along with and a steady reliable worker. Maybe tell him to take a month off and I'll find someone part time. Still, again, legality?
  3. Spoke briefly to the guy who said it was one of a few prototypes built to an MOD spec etc. Not too sure of the details but certainly a bit unusual. Lot of other series 3s and an early V8 county 110 lying around dying too.
  4. Opps !!, sorry, did not realise, must be your south west sense of humour !
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  6. difflock


    The blokes that built the garden room for us, were big into buying certain tools from the states, incl one of those worm drive Skilsaws, essentially stuff that was not available on the Euro market. One very simple thing I saw on Youtube was the steel pins, square or round, 5/8" thick, with predrilled holes every few inches /two inches, for setting out, nailing retaining timbers to etc etc.
  7. To get at the hard to get at grease nipple an access 50mm or so hole needs drilling in a steel plate, machine looks in far better nick than my bashed about 700. 4000 series are a nice bit of kit, shame it was not a 7000 or I might have been interested.
  8. but the boats made with 3 tons of plastic and covered with none recyclable solar panels
  9. The neon transformer you need is one that supports an open circuit I made the mistake of buying one which is "too" safe and will not put out the voltage in the desired manner. I ended up importing one of these Conestoga Works - Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burners 2017 CONESTOGAWORKS.COM Conestoga Works Purveyor of Vacuum Systems for the Wood Worker. Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Kilns, Vacuum Pumps... about as safe as 12,000 volts can be
  10. Wow, a tree owner prepared to spend money in an attempt to retain a tree! Normally the process is to try to remove self-girdling roots because eventually they'll restrict the growth of whatever they are wrapped around and so reduce or prevent the growth of new vessels to allow water uptake. Sometimes you can see the part of the canopy that the restriction is affecting. I would think that this tree was pot bound when it was planted, with roots that had grown to the edge of the pots before diverting to continue round and around the circumference. Because these were not severed or eased out and spread into the planting pit they have continued to grow until the tree stem has reached a diameter that they begin to 'strangle' it. In an attempt to retain the tree a lot of those roots look like they would need to go. You would have to decide which by considering how much anchorage function they are providing as well their water uptake role. Be too ambitious and the crown dies back or the tree falls over, don't do enough and the stem constrictions affect the crown anyway. How much time and money are you prepared to spend? On what may eventually prove to be a doomed venture? A cost/benefit analysis would probably come down on the side of remove and replace. I'd suggest looking at getting something planted and established as a replacement now if possible. You could try some careful root pruning yourself while waiting for the new tree to grow and you 'may' actually eventually be successful (but I doubt it) and end up with two healthy trees. BTW, I wouldn't trust or be giving cold hard cash to anyone who says that they can definitely save that tree. There are no guarantees with trees.
  11. There is a book you may find useful - Woodlands a practical handbook, by Elizabeth Agate
  12. Probably if you are new to milling go with .404 chain Milling is great when done right - and you have loads more margin of error with .404 chain IMO
  13. Almost certainly a cockspur thorn (Crataegus crus-galli). There are popular thornless versions of it which nevertheless occasionally produce vicious thorns almost 2 inches long on suckering shoots.
  14. Yeah, using the tct blade is effective and easy to control, as it's at the end of the strimmer it doesn't get too close to you so as long as your not in close company....fairly safe and great for thick scrub, don't know about health and safety though. Here's a guy testing a few things... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYOlZb2bmmU
  15. Bad past experience of a previous model or not, I think it would be daft to rule out the current Navara (ime the best current pickup on the market) - particularly if giving real consideration to a ssangyong!!! That would be cutting your nose off to spite your face!
  16. That’s the standard black above heres a dash done in a landrover paint code
  17. Yesterday
  18. Rob, being a noobie, I'm getting nervous that I've ordered the wrong mill for my ms880. Reading on this forum there may be issues. Should I be going for 404 instead of low pro? I am, in general, not rough on my gear but don't baby it either. The mill I've ordered isn't in stock yet so should I consider a 404 bar instead. Please advise.

    1. Rob D

      Rob D

      Hi - if you are worried then go with the 54" bar on the 48" Mill - what's your full name so I can look at the order - or e-mail me on rob@chainsawbars.co.uk

  19. How about 4 stroke alot more healthy than 2 stroke? From the blurb: Hows does that compare to reduced aspen 2 stroke emissions? Downside in performance & weight though with 4 stroke....
  20. Still too early with the 500 id say..
  21. So I bent over and took it without any lube and bought the Trailer Package. 😮 Should be here next week.
  22. PeteB

    Tw 230

    Talk to your Timberwolf dealer and they will consult TW for a plan going forward.
  23. Dunno- swapping systems is inherently flawed. I delivered a recent tree climb / aerial rescue course to our blokes an SRT came up. It's not allowed for work positioning with us. However I have never found ANY short comings in SRT for full crown access ( I use Teufel n Unicender) with either base tied or top tied. But most of our guys use zig zag s an they don't work SRT. So next time I present the refresher course I will include these methods as AA are now looking at including it. K
  24. another newbie checking in Google showed me this wonderful place when I was looking for info on wood chippers and I found plenty of it here so I have been doing lots of reading. And then I found some other interesting threads, and another, and another I don't do any professional arb work but me and my gf has a small farm with about 40 acres forrest and a few acres meadow where we used to raise horses but as of a few years we no longer has any animals.
  25. What did you use has a detergent in the washing machine?
  26. I would so love to be " in the know " . Ho hum ...
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