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    As more and more domestic tree companies realise the Covid gravy train is over, they're going to bid jobs just to win them and 'keep the boys busy'. Going to see a lot of tree firms go bust or need to downsize fairly soon. Just hope that they do it quickly as the longer it goes on, the cheaper the rates go for everyone. Companies who have added multiple gangs to keep up with their high demand from last 2 years are going to be in big trouble I fear
  3. Any one have an up to date experience with these models? 2021 or newer About to place an order for a tracked MEWP, needs to be 11.5m outreach min and circa 20m up and must weigh a max of 3.5t with skeleton trailer. So far looking likely to be CTE 230 as have used it a few times and is decent with variable jacking. All seem to be around 90k
  4. From my memory it also doesn't increase regardless of how many acres you own which seriously limits what your able to do.
  5. Another just thinking question Again assuming PR, i don't know the status of the Bristol area, i'm assuming it will be PR free or wot ever they call it. If OP wants timber/brash/chip removed would they need a licence? And does that also mean timber/brash/chip then has to go to a designated/licensed site?? So u can't just log it for firewood and sell it? althou i assume the homeowner could burn it himself in a log burner? In my area its so rife no one really bothers now, further west is the red zone and pretty much given up even trying to control it, i think were in the caution/observation zone? where jumping on it quick but not bothered about where it is moved too as long as stays within this local area. So no need for licences etc any more
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    Easy access to a large double drive. Large quantities welcome,
  8. Stephen watson

    Stephen watson

  9. Here in Sweden it got up to about £2.30 a liter, since about a month back it now seems to have settled at around £2.08, still twice what it was 6 years ago when I started paying attention! no one seems to be making a fuss though?! Just accepting it 🤷‍♂️
  10. Great, that's good to hear!
  11. How many carbon credits can I claim by greening my JCB 806C swing shovel??
  12. Sorry to be an @rse, but I always understood that dogs are really for felling big trees, when cross-cutting , the weight of the saw and sharp chain should do the work. Lots of people remove the dogs completely. I get it though, you may want some metal there to protect the saw/muffler etc.
  13. Able to tip in lane
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    Ashley heath

    Tip in area marked
  15. Collection: Chainsaw (18" 65cc), a basic splitting axe, couple of mid size 1kg hand axes, a small kindling splitter axe, a 1.8kg grenade 4-way wedge (due in), a Titan Pro wedge (due in), various lump and sledge hammers. All of which, other than the wedges, have been gathered in over the years, but remain new. I have spoken to a few of the local companies and most are selling their wood by the cubic meter for more than i can buy for/would pay. But i'm still waiting to hear back from some. The point of the Tip Site listing was to take in any FREE/Discounted/Bartered wood as an extra, to fill out the new woodshed. The more i can take in FREE, the less i have to actually buy. I don't like disturbing the moths in my wallet 🤪 I can 'usually' buy discounted raw uncut wood in 3x, 6x, 12x M3 loads for self cutting/collection direct from the wood. But due to storm damage, wind blown trees, health and safety issues - that's all off atm. Waiting to hear back about that atm too.
  16. I was aware of their existence but not seen any, I was given an insect book a month back from an old chap who moved into a care home, and looked them up, very little on them other than they are wingless members of pscocoptera family troctidae but none of the images show the markings from your photo.
  17. Hi all, I am coming into a large parcel of Western Red Cedar. I am going to get cutting an order of 2m logs off the butt ends for a carving order & there will be mSaore available if anyone requires any? There will also be some loads of 30+ 12' 16' sawlog loads available. Sam [email protected] 07721 127351
  18. Ah !! 🙄 Well in that case ... the £30 + VAT is far too cheap !! Joke 😄😆😂🤣
  19. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Forst ST6 35hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel woodchipper, 6 inch or 15cm log diameter, 2014 year of manufacture, 791 working hours, comes with spare key, user manual and tool kit, all in good tidy working condition, ready for work. Price £8333.40 VAT £1666.60. Total £10000.00



  20. In my neck of the woods by the Mersey we have shedfulls of young Ash self seeded but within a few growing seasons they all have dieback, I wonder if its a strategy to self populate to future proof existance, if one gets through unscathed it carries on the species?
  21. I thought of SS, Aluminium, or galvanised, but figured that whilst it might have been copper, or more likely cheap brass origionally, the galvanised would be the most period appropriate. But since I have the copper and it is easily worked, and I can solder the corners leakproof and it will look attractive and age gracefully. So now I need to contrive a contraption of a home made brake-press. Or try and get the cousin to do it at his work? Cheers all.
  22. Use a little stump grinder and get builders to provide a scaffold to work from
  23. first i would find out what dealers you have local to you as if you buy sthil and your surrounded by husky dealers you may have problems getting parts. second i would take the time to visit a few saw shops and get your hands on different saws you will soon tell how well the saw is going to feel in the hand , as when you start using it for 2 hours it might look good but feel crap . third i would check see what the maximum bar length your trainer will allow as most around me are only training with a maximum 15'' bar . hope this is of some help .
  24. Would he be interested in selling it and where is it (i'm in Scotland so if you are t'other end of the country this is probably the most important question) ?
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  26. I remember my mum stopping smoking many years ago because petrol went up to 50p a gallon! To the younger viewers on this forum thats about 10p a litre.
  27. Sometimes you can tell a saw has an air leak by turning in the L screw. Normally the idle speed rises until the engine dies when the screw is nearly in. If the saw has a significant air leak, the idle speed increases as the screw is turned in and stays high even with the screw in with the idle screw not lowering the idle as it should. If you know carbs and adjusting them, this can help diagnose air leaks. A typical pressure test is a good idea. If the saw was set at 1 1/4 turns out on both screws and making around 13000rpm and stable with the throttle held open. It shouldn't have failed if the fuel/oil were good.
  28. The big frankengrab on big rings this afternoon. Available to hire most of England and some of Scotland.
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