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  2. Best of luck with things in the future, I always rate your help and advice highly. John
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  4. Yes that's beyond re use. People on here have previously said those circlips with tails cause problems. I still use them as I cannot deal with the plain ones.
  5. Haha, cheers. I’ll read it in the morning then!
  6. michaeldblake@btinternet.com

    Twemlow Edge

    Woodchippings suitable for playground
  7. Good man. 140 poplars would have me investing in kit too.
  8. A lovely Turkish Hazel I spotted in the Oslo Botanical Gardens today.
  9. If it's a Volta unit (or any type) the specification of the wood chips is critical. Smaller arb type chippers struggle to produce the required quality, and even when using specialised biomass chippers you still have to screen out the fines. A relatively small % of fines/poor quality fuel will soon stuff up your unit, as most owners found out early on in their ownership (us included). The specification from Volta is not tight enough - size class and moisture content - though they wouldn't admit it.
  10. Geoff9

    Horseshoe Hollow

    Do not follow the postcode.
  11. What an amazing looking machine!
  12. 17.5k ex vat. Half price of a new 19-28, not that you can buy one brand new now. We didn't get to the point of advertising. I have a 2014 coming in next month and a 2009 coming in this week. Thanks
  13. Self seeded might still be struggling with competitive or sub-optimal growing conditions - just saying, self seeding doesn’t guarantee growth to maturity. There needs to be a natural ‘failure rate’ such that the strongest push through. It might be that other faster growing trees / vegetation are out competing self seeded trees. Certainly agree 2018 presented considerable challenges which were observable in crown of many trees. Hopefully just a particularly bad year in a 100 and established trees will shrug it off over a longer period.
  14. How do the Brazilians manage with 100% ethanol fuel? I tried googling this and can't find anything.
  15. Might as well ask the landowner? That curved butt would only go for firewood anyhow! we are close if you need a contractor to fell and move the timber.
  16. A junkie hooker would be better value.
  17. Khriss

    Ash dieback

    Depends if you are doing the diagnosing, or somene else has. K
  18. As dumper says. I use a euro adaptor.m but that’s why I went for the lighter bucket grab. Using it in anger for the first time today.
  19. Yesterday
  20. cool, good info, iam not too far out then with 1.6m rafter spacing, could always move them closer since i have only got two up, thanks carl
  21. I love sweet chestnut, But no it sadly wouldn’t stop a T72. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  22. Hi Mick, In answer to some of your questions. (All for cross cutting) Top plate angle 30 degrees. Don’t bother with the 10 degree camber. Side plate angle 65 degrees Look at your grinding disc profile carefully, it should be D shaped with one corner curved and one square. Use the curved edge towards the tooth. When grinding, do not attempt to take all the metal off in one grind, the heat will damage the temper. Try to get the wheel very close and just touch, backup 3mm then touch again…repeat…. Almost bouncing off the chain… What happens is the disc shoots cool air at the tooth between cuts. Hope this helps [emoji106]
  23. We are looking for people to join our small team based near Shap in Cumbria. Our business combines arboriculture, woodland management and sawmilling. We have a busy and mixed work load and are flexible about the basis of employment including self-employed, part-time or apprenticeship. Chainsaw tickets are essential, climbing and machine operation are desirable. The most important thing is practical common sense and a willingness to work hard and to get on with the rest of the crew. Please get in touch if this is of any interest. Cheers. Tom.
  24. Jameshall22

    James hall

    Tip on gravel driveway
  25. Liz and Mark

    Kingsley allotments

    Will need to meet at site to unlock and offload chippings
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