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  2. In Bolton, a cock wer'a lad who wa' too old to be dismissed as being "young, dumb and full of cum" but wa' still putting it about. Round here there a few called "Bo" meaning their a bit shy of soap and water cos they haven't time to notice
  3. Piano wire mate and make your own wire fid. Or give Nod a call at Treeworker, he used to sell them.
  4. If there is it's not going to be the MS391, that's a farmer, home user chainsaw. More forestry oriented would be something like a Stihl MS362 if you are going the Stihl route. Holding their money is not a very good reason to buy a saw once you cut with them they are used and anyone will only pay what they think it's worth, you don't have a verified service history.
  5. They can put some big cats in there too and clear out a few of the damned dog walkers all over the place.
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  7. We have lots of Echo Carving bars in 10" - so to shift a few: Buy one of the 10" 1/4 .043 bars and chain - get the 10" 1/4 .050 version carving bar and chain FREE Dime tip bars made for Echo by Sugihara [ie. not the super small nose R7 tip bars] You need to have a 1/4 drive sprocket fitted to your saw Fits Echo saws in the description Limited stock on this one Find in our special offers area below Special Offers - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  8. I'm just finishing my level 4 and found these books helpful
  9. We now have a good stock of Cannon Duralite bars - available in 25"/28"/30"/32"/36" and that's it for the moment [as in that is all the range available from Cannon right now]. Look stunning Fairly pricey [check video out to help with this ;)] We have them in various gauges but they are all 3/8 [you could change the nose to make them .404] Mount on large Husky saws with an adapter plate found here GB912 Bar Adapter 9mm 12mm Large Husky D009 Medium Stihl D025 WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK GB912 Chainsaw Bar Adapter 9mm 12mm Large Husky D009 to Medium Stihl D025. This adapter allows you to put a Stihl... They are in the selectors and also found here in this menu Cannon duralite bars - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  10. George Tsuro

    Waterlane Allotment

    chippings to be used at allotment
  11. Yesterday
  12. For crank seals and bearings the solution is simple ...they're { nearly } always standard sizes and can be bought from most quality UK suppliers for a pittance, typically under a tenner for the lot including postage. All you need is a vernier caliper to measure the size of the old ones or the size of the shaft and casing if ID numbers can't be seen. For example, I just bought Quality crank bearings for my 1976 Jonsereds 451 from ' Bearings r us ' for 6 and a half quid delivered. Nearly always These online suppliers make it easy for you with charts of options.....When their for an engine or any high speed application the suffix ' C3 ' on the bearing should be selected and also select a bearing with a metal cage as opposed to plastic....so for my recent order it was a pair of 6002 C3 shielded deep groove ball bearing 15x32x9mm..... seals ordered in the same way and are usually universal. Carb kits ...from from China.. for me, so far so good, at least there available to suit most applications of older saws which otherwise parts need to be bought from the US...so it's a choice between £2 or £22, you just takes your chances.....Cheers.
  13. Hi Grayham ,nice build any more pics I would love to see more of it
  14. Unless you can't stand the sight of it I would just leave it a few years to see how it does. I would think it needs all the leaves it can muster so cutting anything off isn't a great plan. All the lower branches will fall off when the tree gets to 20 foot anyway so they aren't too important long term. The only thing to watch is that the tree keeps a single leader so that it develops with a nice single stem in later life, it looks like it's doing this already.
  15. Beech, beech, bonfire, habitat pile! Jokes aside I think pic 3 has some pine and mostly ash and pic 4 ash, pine and/or spruce.
  16. Leaves are definitely not ivy, unless someone has grafted them on. Very grateful for all the help - if it smells of pears when I’m burning it, I’ll let you all know!!
  17. Not funny.... But funny 😁 K
  18. " All the time in the wuuurllld " cracking film. K
  19. Does anyone know anyone who offers mobile firewood processing around the midlands area, Leicester specifically? I have a customer who has got a lot of timber that has been left from various trees he's had removed, but now wants someone to split it. Nothing is overly processor friendly but it just needs a saw and a decent road tow log splitter. If anyone knows someone who can help, please let me know and I can put them in contact with the customer. Ta muchly
  20. yep get a bigger saw,milling is addictive
  21. Hi Mike, sorry only just saw your post, I’m in Norfolk
  22. Here https://www.premiumsawchain.co.uk/pages/Chain_Identification/
  23. A couple years back I spent 2 full 8hr days chipping gorse with my Greenmech CS100 - that was sore but do-able!
  24. i think he means something like this? https://www.forestry-suppliers.com/product_pages/products.php?mi=14961&itemnum=75058
  25. djbobbins


    They told me I would never be able to do poetry because of dyslexia. I’ve just made a vase and two mugs - so fuck them!!
  26. Hard working ex forces. Looking for 2-3 days a week on a self employed basis. Tickets: Level 3 Diploma in Forestry and Arb Maintenance and cross cutting Felling and processing upto 380 Pole Saw Strimmer/Brushcutter Hedge trimmer Wood chipper Tractor Driving license with trailer. Climbing/aerial rescue & aerial cutting courses due to be completed by the end of July 2020. Experience as an estate forester and landscaper/groundworker for a landscaping/tree surgery company before being made redundant due to Covid19. Just starting out self employed and looking for a few days a week to go alongside existing subcontract work. South west area preferred as I’m based just outside Exeter. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dave 07817848804
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