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  2. Have you checked the tip site directory? https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/nearby-tipsites/
  3. Rough Hewn


    Where is it? Yes definately worth milling. [emoji106]
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  5. All good here, we had some rain overnight, only enough to settle the dust. Grey overhead but still quite warm.
  6. Hi Everyone, So I have an Ash tree that is looking like a bit of a sick puppy and I wanted a little bit of input from guys who have experience with Chalara. The tree itself is in West Dorset and there doesn't appear to be any cases registered anywhere close. The property has a good 2 figure sum of ash trees on it and this seems to be the only one suffering in any way. The tree overall looks poor, it's not thriving at all with a lot of dead/dying limbs. There is new growth from lower sections of the main trunk and the only growth that is green is from new/fresh branches, there are cankers and most of the growth seems to be dying. I can't see any symptoms of die back, no black splotches on leaves, no lens shaped lesions etc. The leaf litter is pretty normal, no black twigs etc. The rest of the Ash trees on the property are thriving, full crowns, no dead limbs (the next large ash tree being around 20m from this one. What do people make of it? I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do with it seeing as the chances of it having ash die back are very small. It sure isn't healthy though. What would you do?
  7. Actually I have a lot of Makita tools, grinders, circular saws, SDS drlls etc.. all are very good but I have a Makita orbital sander and it's absolute crap.
  8. Why would he do that - yr just gonna bang on forever abt it regardless. K
  9. Hi thanks yeah I did it yesterday worked a real treat I will take some photos on friday as I am not there till then
  10. David Dolan


    Private residence. Please call and arrange. Short notice accepted.
  11. Andrew Deveney

    Andrew Deveney

    All hardwood logs and cord or larger items selected. Easy access and unload very close to the road
  12. If just cleaning the mud off then a pressure washer would on paper be miles better. Less trying to abrade it off, more washing it off.
  13. The boys on Amazon is very good if you want something a bit different and don't mind violence.
  14. It being a close copy of the GMCS100, I'm well used to feeding these and it is no more or less stable moving or transporting. However the towbar out front gives it an edge on stability when feeding and it can be tied down or weighted further. I'm not going to stress the machine by feeding it up to it's limit regularly. I did a trial at home on hazel and was pleased with it's performance but the blades where not torqued down enough and material got in under the one, lifting it so it came into contact with the anvil, lightly. I quickly settled that hash. The blades are far less meaty than a GMCS100. I'll fit a tacho to to measure blade wear and for servicing. It is lashing down now so I've bailed until this arvo. Quoting for a bio-mass job instead, a far cry from tiddling around with a wee chippette. Stuart
  15. I am looking for arb work near Newcastle upon Tyne. IPAF MEWP Lantra basic tree survey NPTC wood chipper and stump grinder PA1 PA6a NPORS lorry loader Blue CSCS chainsaw CS30/31/38/39/50 CE driving licence EFAW+F Ash dieback risk assessment UA1 craig.s@live.co.uk 07966272557
  16. Bit like Vicar of Dibley crossed with Little Britain. Nononononononononono, yes. Yeabutnobutyeabutnobut
  17. Just wondered what accounts app people are using? Basically something to create customer files, track mileage, send and track invoices, snap receipts, calculate VAT etc. The 2 that seem to come up first are Quickbooks and Freshbooks. Freshbooks claims to be better for service based businesses. Basically I am looking for an app that will get rid of paper and: easily crate new customer file, allow quotes to be written and sent on site, track jobs until payment, record expenses and allow easy quarterly and end of year tax calculations to be made. Any one found a really good, simple and functional one for small tree surgery companies?
  18. We are in the need for some Subby climbers and groundsman to keep up with our work load We are also Intrested in small 2-3 man tree teams to work along side our lads We have various work sites in Northampton, Derby, Hincley and Birmingham and looking to cover the next 3 months Cs30, Cs31, cs38, Cs39, And cscs cards also needed We also have permanent positions available as well as paye Cscs cards and medicals needed, we can arrange this if needs be Please contact Edd@mapletreecare.co.uk 07737 111961 0115 9179414
  19. Could not tell it from S/D ! so tight and professional .
  20. Yesterday
  21. I supply the 3rd world countries model worldwide, 372xp oe and ms660 are hot sellers
  22. Ruthy

    Woodlands farm

    Looking for hardwood chips to cover chicken runs.
  23. Turnip at work managed to snap the back handle off a 661. Parts came in today so it was stripped down and brought back to life. Husqvarnas seem to be much easier to work on, although my experience on chainsaw repair is quite limited. Definitely wouldn't swap my 395 for one of these.
  24. If you do not mind a slight hijacking of your thread Squaredy, could someone also add just how often does a blade need to be set? I doubt it is with every sharpening. Thinking more economical to occasionally send the blades off to be set rather than invest another £330
  25. Been looking at the rust earring compounds, just paint the brick acid on the wash off after a few hours? Wasn’t going to hammerite it but stone chip paint makes sense just bought some orange to tidy it up a bit.....
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