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  2. It’s fascinating to see the variety of trees you all work on and this looks the most difficult by far !!!! Is the price of the job much more for dangerous or difficult trees ?
  3. Can swap it to picco easily enough, which makes it a right little ripper. The anti vibe being runners is the biggest letdown.
  4. Kinda lost faith in my gunson, it constantly reads low - even on saws that run perfect. Had the top off no real sign of wear, decent Mahle piston and pot, ring doesnt look worn. There was a bit brown residue on the piston which I have cleaned off, deleted base gasket and put back together,m - sadly no different. I have ordered meteor piston to try
  5. Iv not long moved over to arboriculture from farm work. I have worked on farms since leaving agricultural college in 2014 previous to that i studied mechanics after leaving school. in june 2020 i decided to make a change of career and move to arboriculture. after speaking to a local company i decided to make the leap and get the tickets i need to start work. I currently have my CS30, CS31, CS38, CHIPPER, ROLO (need to redo my cscs test as i didnt get my card in time) AND FIRST AID + F. looking into the near future getting the CS39 but would like to get some practice climbing first before i do the CS39. To become a climber is my ultimate goal but understand it takes time to master this skill. With my farming background im able and competent to operate heavy machines such as tractors and loaders (although not ticketed for a loader but that can be sorted). Will work in all weathers and all times of the day to get the work done. Keen to learn and progress in the arboriculture sector. Progression route. As said previous my ultimate goal is to become a climber (CS39) but moving forward from that would like to earn the additional tickets in the sector for example, large fell, rigging, storm blown trees. Then progressing to a lead role. i have every interest to stay at a single company long term to excel at this progression. Heres a few extra bullet points. Adam Poynton 25 14/06/1995 I do drive Have own ppe Have own saw with tools Have a harness but no ropes (used the companies climbing gear didn't like their harness) 6 years farming Hard working and willingness to learn Confident of the tools including possible repairs to do on the kit. contact number is 07773744308 Thanks adam
  6. Some good info folks, many thanks. I’m definitely going to explore the options further. Looks likely it’ll have to be a home made job I reckon. I’m taking a week off over Christmas so it can go to the top of the list of tasks to do!
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  8. Stubby


    If there is nothing wrong with it and it works as it should why out it ? Non A/T big saws are sought after now a days it seems .
  9. Morning all i am looking for recommendations for ground protection for our grinder and mewp and wondered where everyone gets there’s from and they seem to vary in price massively.
  10. Top job - better still my Dorado has just come up with exactly the same error... wonky speedo, everything. So, the sensor is one of the ones coming out of the transmission on the RHS if laying under the tractor facing towards the engine? If that is the case can you remember which one, front or rear.... and when removing the sensor do you have to drop the transmission oil? Thanks
  11. It's always my bleeding turn in the barrel!
  12. How rough a tree will it push over thou?? I currently work with a 20t bottle ( and got a proper 30T Treeman's on order which was not cheap but should last a long time) and had it struggling a few times. But seen me at full extension and tree still sitting balanced as so much wieght on the wrong side. From wot I was told there only good for medium sized trees with not too much back lean/wieght on them. So u still need something bigger Incan for the real hairy outside monsters. But can see it saving a lot of time not cutting the pocket at back and getting the stumps that bit lower
  13. We've got a mitox for blowing off machinery and it's pretty good. I normally go with husqvarna but it was cheaper, more powerful and a longer warranty so an easy choice.
  14. Hi anyone have a price/value on Husky 343R unit said mint and looked after but there asking £350 ish Friend has one but found this one so looking as a spare/replacement when wrecks other one!
  15. Pikeys are us and Hey mister you want your tree cut down/Rubbish cleared/roof repaired/drive tarmac/Fence fixed =House robbed etc
  16. Yesterday
  17. Thank Gimlet some really useful advice. I'll check out the NHLS to find out more. Being solitary must be a criteria for being a hedgelayer as I'm certainly that.
  18. Ha I just sold a kitty combo it was ok ish but defo a hobby machine like the shopsmith
  19. I think I pay like 15 for 30 discs from our independent tool shop
  20. Sorry here are the photos
  21. I flicked through sections of this, and it seems quite disconnected from the industry. A few things come to mind from the questions section at the end. Someone asked about the level of training in colleges and Chalky basically just defended Lantras quality of training and ignored the question entirely. I've seen a similar rhetoric from a few Lantra and NPTC assessors, this party line that their training IS up to scratch. So how are colleges getting away with training students to such a low standard (as was my experience, it was a joke), when they have to pass NPTC or Lantra assessments? Surely this brings us back to these assessing bodies not having thorough assessment criteria, thereby discouraging thorough training. I think the biggest issue with accident statistics in UK arb is that the average technical ability of UK 'arborists' is really pretty piss poor. And yet most of them have tickets. Training standards and qualifications are, in my opinion, dated to the point of irrelevance now. This isn the major issue which needs addressed. Another part I liked was when the HSE representative saying that they have forms to enable us to report companies who they see climbing on a single climbing rope. I've see plenty of local companies doing far worse things than this, and yet to my knowledge none of them ever encounter any intervention from HSE. She was basically asking us to turn on ourselves and start grassing each other up. This in an industry with such poor training that in order to really LEARN we HAVE to connect with each other. I was prepared to be engaged with the discussion, however it came across more as an academic and theoretical exercise rather than the Arb Association truly searching for solutions. Drawing on a wider pool of operators more closely involved with the industry would, I imagine, make for more interesting, relevant and ultimately beneficial discussion.
  22. Love that forwarder, beautiful machine.
  23. Oooh, ya f*^%er!! Rather you than me...
  24. My accountants fees are directly tied to how much of a pain in the arse I am. Last year it was £1200, the year before it was £600. Not looking forward to this years bill!
  25. Yup, easy split rounds and speed the video up a bit, impressive all the same... until the bit when he cut both his feet off[emoji38]
  26. will this be published post event? Be interesting to see the views on topping, in the context its given makes sense, will you discuss topping big trees for particular reason. After all tis the season to see trees post leaf revealing water sprouts and puny growth points
  27. They do crop up from time to time, you just need to keep looking, and have a fair idea of what you're after. There are some nice Husky 372s and a nice 576 on eBay at the moment, and a nice Stihl 460 and a 461. I was very lucky when i bought my 572 used. I think i paid 670 and it was practically new.
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