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  2. That doesn’t sound like fun mate! The worst stuff I’ve had to deal with was thin slimy Ash branch wood. Literally a few degrees down on a slope and it just slid off the bunk, nightmare.
  3. This is a great post. First class Tim. I might have a dabble at this. I’m thinking small divers cylinder for charging though like the air gunners use with quick release fittings maybe ? Well done for the great detail in listing the items needed [emoji1303][emoji847] Any supporting construction advice would be greatly received
  4. Beautiful . I’d love to see a photo of them once they’re laid and waxed
  5. i've got a Jansen FS-35 speed Log splitter Jansen FS-35speed with gasoline engine, 35 t, kinetic, horizontal WWW.JANSEN-VERSAND.COM With its patented design, the Jansen FS-35Speed flywheel wood splitter constitutes a revolution in wood splitting. It would be virtually… it's not road towable though but you could stick it on a trailer!! 3 second split cycle, it's very fast!!
  6. Toad

    Husqvarna 357 rebuild

    If you don't mind me asking, how do you split the cases? Do I remember you having something that attaches to the bar studs to press the clutch side free?
  7. Art positioner pays for itself time and time again. So reliable, cams are so cheap and easy to replace when that day finally comes and it's so consistent. Every now and then I toy with hitches again but it just makes me appreciate the positioner more. I'd definitely advise paying the extra for the swivel. There's no point saving yourself a tenner and not getting it with a product that lasts so bloody long
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  9. Good choice Yams. You should easily knock about 30% off the time it takes with the Countax, and the quality of the grass will improve. This first cut will be tricky though. Choose a dry day if possible, Remove the mulching baffle and keep the deck high. The deck will very likely still clag up, so be careful where you switch it off as it will deposit a ton of concentrated mulch! Go as slowly as possible and be led by your senses. If you smell rubber, slow down. Their are 3 belts in the Pro train, but the one to watch is the the clutching belt from the engine pulley to the central pulley on the machine pivot. It will be the first to fail when overloaded. Enjoy.
  10. It,s been s few years since we last met Mr Gand.And that was at a Pub near Pie Eater Pete,s place.We were having a right Jovial time! I,m a very different person now.We all change throughout our lives.We evolve based on our life experiences and our surroundings.It,s quite fascinating.A bit like the life of a Tree...Let me know how you get on.I,m in the Gym almost every day now.It,s as important to me as my love of Arb.I love keeping in shape as it has added so much more quality to my life.I already have everything I could ever want in life.Being adopted all I ever wanted was a legacy which I have with my Son and Grandchildren.
  11. Thanks Wayne I will be in touch asap.
  12. Any Photographs of your dogs mark?🐶🐶
  13. yes mine is derv, a tank lasts a day lol. Thats why I bought it, petrol is twice the price and uses twice as much. Its a bit noisy but does the job. I also have a PTO drive Japa 370. bars are cheap for the 300 and last ages, I dont have a spare as get plently of notice before I need to change it. Im no expert but think you would need to check your flow rate for the processor & tractor, then decide if you could run off the attachment hydraulics or need a pto pump but its all do-able.
  14. I don't know where you get it from TVI, I thought I was cracked but, you take the biscuit.
  15. Kernmantels and double braids both have cores, the db core is usually a 12 strand hollow braid, the kern has individual twisted strands. Another rope construction with a cover and core is core dependent ropes, with a 12 strand hollow braid also but the the tech core carries most of the load. Saw a video on Treebuzz of Drenaline splices testing at an average of 6000lbs, a lot better than the Slaice.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Well your entitled to that opinion .... I honestly can’t see what Is wrong with one anchor and cutting when using a work positioning strop, no one should be working off anchor points that have potential to fail... even if I’m subby climbing I will take the time to select the strongest most suitable upright anchor , if there is none or the tree requires then two ropes come in to play but it’s not suitable for most trees.
  18. Wow there truly seems to be a 50/50 deep love to true hatred of these helmets . I have just bought on some of your recommendations the 2019 Vertex this week but am finding it the worst Vertex yet personally ! Oh dear. Me and my fussy bonce . I am though NOT liking the sound (pardon the pun) of the Protos ear defenders either not working brilliantly nor occasionally ‘popping off’ so that for me spells further annoyance . I guess it’s like harnesses , you try them on briefly , they seem cool, but after a few days you soon get to know whether they’re going to work for you or not, by which time it’s too late and you’re facing a ‘like it or lump it’ situ or flogging it at a loss .
  19. [emoji23] [emoji23] nearly, it’s his evil twin
  20. Yes. Can it be possible to add reflexes this way or do reflexes in self bows have to be naturally occuring? It's already proving fascinating despite the limited experience I've yet had. Certainly the kind of minefield I'm happy to throw myself into, I'll put it that way.
  21. we also had problems on a A93 Valtra with bug, amount of much out of pre filter was unreal. ended up getting our fuel storage tank cleaned despite using additives every fill. dropped contents on main tank to completely empty. got a fill in earlier in year and amazing how much black muck in it so we aint clear of it yet.
  22. Hi Samuel These are Spaeroblasts, quite common on holly. Sphaeroblast - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  23. HI Mark i work as a ranger for Urban Green Newcastle, we are a Charity that looks after many of the parks and countryside sites in Newcastle. We've got various logs lying around that i've been wanting to mill when i get a chance (beech, yew, oak, cherry, sycamore) and we've also got some big stuff scheduled to come out which should have some nice slabs in it. I'm pretty sure we have a couple of dry Oak slabs in the shed but they may already have a purpose, i'll check. let me know what you're after Mike
  24. #things you can say in srt and on Hampstead Heath.
  25. Thanks for the response, root bound makes sense. How would you go about propping it from the front safely? Definitely worth a try
  26. Just a update on the book which I have just started to read and just to say i’am not a great reader of books and the last one I did read was Damed Utd. This book however is quite brilliant and anyone who has the slightest interest in trees or just wants something to read which is stimulating I suggest you give this book a go,it’s quite a big read and will take me a good while to get through it but already i’am gaining a lot more insight into the world of trees and everything else that they bring and give to us.Please forgive my grammar and spelling i’am not the greatest wordsmith but am sure you get the basics of how i’am trying to portray what this fab book is about. QUITE A CHUNKY BOOK SO WILL TAKE ME SOMETIME TO READ
  27. resho8484


    Drop anytime, any type of organic material, we'll make use of it. Dont worry if its last minute and you cant get hold of anyone just drop it off as described below. Through double wooden gate on left of black sheds. Drive through towards field infront. You will pass between old iron shed on right and stables on left. Drop to the right behind iron shed. Thanks
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