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  2. monkeybusiness

    Non paying customer

    He owes you money for completed works. Providing there aren’t 2 sides to this (you’ve delivered substandard work etc) then don’t feel bad or worry about chasing your money - it’s yours, not his. If he’s ignoring you then the chances are he knows he’s in the wrong and will pay up as soon as the right pressure is applied. And if he’s the type of pillock who would subsequently spitefully defame you for chasing what’s owed, simply go around and break his legs (you know where he lives after all)!!! (Please note that I’m not a legal professional and my advice may lead to further issues if followed to the letter...).
  3. hplp

    house renovation forum

    Ahhh another person from out west. There are a few of us based there. I have a place near Clon. You're right about crazy rents but it surprises how many people wont live in a older place like yours. There have been lots come onto the market in recent years. H
  4. Today
  5. RMB68


    Cheers for that lads👍
  6. green horn

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    Same as above decent tyres but side walls crackin after about year n half
  7. eggsarascal

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I have spoken at length to the bloke that invented this. http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/ He knows a bit about battery technology. I don't think he gleaned his knowledge through watching YouTube, but I'm sure Vesp will put me right.
  8. doobin

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    That's cause we've got ten fingers....
  9. Benny Dobson

    CS 100 engine oil

    Hi can you put sae 5w30 oil in the cs100.
  10. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    New battery makita trimmer out

    They don't look a bad price either at £150 body only they seem to weigh quite a bit at 4.5kg without batteries though suppose each machine has its own application though Jack
  11. Billhook

    Arb Kitten

    If the kitten was a slab of wood you would say what a lovely burr grain! Hang on, Burr rhymes with purr. So Burr it is then!
  12. BunyipBen

    Unimog U1300L tipper

    The ArbMog is coming along
  13. Sean_Parker

    Drenline for SRT.

    It's a great line if you plan on using it for MRS and SRS. It is a little bouncy to be strictly used for SRS in my opinion. Great rope tho, ecspecially in the ZZ
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  15. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    Happened to a mate of mine, probably thirty years ago. Him and his girlfriend got hassled by some fella in a pub one night, they drank up and moved on. Tw@t followed them and started again, my mate banged him one, he hit the deck and died. My mate walked on the grounds he was provoked, and it was self defence. Going and finding someone, even if you think they need a slap could get you in big trouble. Anyone that takes the law into their own hands must me prepared for the circumstances.
  16. Alycidon

    Selling a firewood business

    To get back to your original question. If the business runs pretty well without much input from the owner then the sale value should be around a figure of the last three years pre tax profits plus stock at valuation. A
  17. Conor Wright

    Front mount farmi on unimog

    Barely. It's a bit heavy.. just don't want the hassle of taking it on and off.. I'm getting lazy! Not overly worried about weight to be honest, it's a good excuse to uprate the springs! (Or leave more chip onsite!) Not thinking of a massive crane either.. something tidy but useful.
  18. Ian Flatters

    the 'todays job' thread

    Just their time really, remove and replant. Mostly pretty happy in fairness. Got 24 bottles of beer off one homeowner too.
  19. Vespasian

    Petzl zigzag 19

    this might be of some use if your interested.....
  20. huskykev


    He came in and collected it today, it’s gonna go on a 30” mill for the summer and he’ll hire a woodmiser for his bigger lumps. I’m not sure if he’s on here but if not I’ll keep the thread updated as he goes along.... the 288 piston and pot upgrade is looking to be very likely soon enough too!
  21. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    yeah pretty close to there
  22. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    6 tonne class with a full tail are such capable units.💪 Great job. Eddie.
  23. felixthelogchopper

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    Just to set everybody's mind at rest, I was asking for a friend.
  24. Baldbloke

    Toyota Rav 4?

    Until you have to work on the later inboard brakes. You’d need a midwife to get in there[emoji33]
  25. peatff

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Any I have had to remove the handle cover there is usually a self tapper at the bottom end of the handle and you need to turn it over to see it. When it does come off watch out for the operator presence lever spring and make a note of where it came from.
  26. Time Left: 6 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Unique Environmental/De-Veg/Rail Contractors setup, 2014 JCB JS145 Long Reach with only 330hrs. Massive specification already with the option to finish it exactly how you like. See Mascus Ad for more info. Eddie.


    Staffordshire Moorlands

  27. snltree

    Freelance Climber - Scotland

    No worries I’ll keep you in mind Thanks.
  28. Spruce Pirate

    How much do the FC pay for cutting work?

    Depends on where you are. FCS are now Scottish Forestry or Forestry & Land Scotland, not sure exactly what they're calling themselves, but they're still basically the same organisation. Almost all cutting work with FCS is now on a multi-supplier framework agreement so it depends on who you're working for as to what you'll get as well as what level of skill and experience you bring to it. Our rates with them are pretty healthy, although there's still room for improvement in some areas. Unfortunately the days of being able to rock up to the forest office and pick up a bit of cutting work locally are now long gone so if you're looking for cutting work with the Forestry, certainly in Scotland, you'll need to find out which contractors are on their agreements and get in touch with them.
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