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  2. You’re method sounds like a good way to do it.
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  4. Are you planning to travel to Australia to enjoy the Melbourne night life and foodie scene? If you’re looking for an excellent place to work and want to show off your skills, get in touch with us. We have one position available for someone with the right attitude. An ideal candidate will have: cert III Arboriculture or; minimum of 1-year climbing experience competent skillset in all aspects of tree work The role is full time. We pay 9.5% Super, 4 weeks holidays and 10 days sick leave. We have $1600 in cash bonuses in place as well. Applicant must have full working rights in Australia or holiday Visa.
  5. Blacklight... had to Google that one; never heard of it. You mean ultraviolet! Actually there's no need with the glow resin Mark used; it charges amazingly well, even in relatively poor light. But getting pics of the glow could be an issue; I hadn't thought of that. I'll tap up the techy offspring for thoughts on that one in the morning.
  6. He’s not far out with price, once it’s down it might be more but could be just firewood.
  7. Hi there, I’m a homeowner with a old English Walnut about to be felled, due to proximity to our Essex cottage ... with easy road access into the rear patio from our large gravel front yard I was hoping it could be re-used (and not end up as firewood!).
  8. But, on a brighter note, government age verification aspirations for tinterweb porn has been binned 😂😂😂
  9. I've been using aspen for over 2 years and love the stuff. Not had any issues due to bad fuel, no headaches and not a drop of wasted fuel. And my local husky dealer (skyland equipment) stocks it.
  10. I’ll try and find a better video later, it’s far better than what’s seen in that. Seems to glide seamlessly. With that pushing tick one can push it about standing up while it’s set up on the ground
  11. ( No- root barrier will make fukk all difference - it takes years n years mate )
  12. I am just looking to see if any other climbers have a lockjack and use a larger cam on a smaller rope.
  13. Very little text out there on it’s ecology, from observations I’d say it’s primarily associated with older root systems with associated dysfunction. I’ve excavated a couple of fruitbodies in the past to trace back mycelium to wood volumes and in both cases found it directly attached on dead roots. We have it hosting with pendunculate, sessile and red oak as well as beech, lime and hornbeam on our trees in north London. Don’t think it’s as scarce as records seem to indicate.
  14. Small clearfell going for whole tree chip - the weather broke just as we finished a couple of weeks ago so we’ve had to lead the chip out today in ADTs instead of the lorries that we’re planned.. The Albach fills them in 4 1/2 mins...
  15. Cheers for the reply ,do you keep in stock replacement lace system ? how much ?
  16. A mechanic who knows how to repair and maintain large Arb machinery would be a great asset to any company, certainly a good selling point if your looking for employment, enjoy your training at Kingswood, they have a tight ship at the minute.
  17. Mister Solutions went tits up and Andy started a new company in his wifes name called Tree and Grass Spares (his company name not his Mrs) and trades predominantly on eBay. L&S are a quality supplier of Stihl and many other parts.
  18. A mate wanted to fit his cabinet in his new rental property but Landlord said no drilling! A tube of no nails on the back and mitre mated some bolt heads inside the cabinet for "decorative" purposes and all was fine.
  19. I won’t be able to do anything for a couple of weeks, but if you could send me some more details I will see what I can do
  20. Sam J A

    vw camper 4 weddings

    Chippings and logs excepted.
  21. Teach you to buy Stihl , mate maybe they will fix it under warranty ? K
  22. Hello, I am looking for clean and dried woodchips for my mum's allotment plot on the Watlington Road in Oxford. My mum is partially sighted and was slipping when I recently visited her plot. I/We would like bark-type woodchips to create paths for her to walk on safely. The post code listed is for my mum's house which abbuts the allotment.
  23. I’m based just outside Sutton Coldfield.
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