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  2. What Whisky I like depends on my mood. I agree with Andy that JW Green lable is great for the money,Aberlour 18 is nice.I think I have tasted a 25 from them too. At the end of the Day Whisky is 40% Alcohol and 60% bullshit. I went to loads of Whisky tastings before covid,mainly to try different stuff but the real entertainment is tossers trying to outdo each other with descriptions. " I detect notes of smokey wet granite and burnt tweed" etc
  3. Good on yer bud . Each to his own . However , when you are an old git like me you need every mechanical advantage you can get ! 😁
  4. I think you will find yourself in trouble soon by burning tyres. On a regular basis. it’s one of the reason we as a country do not export old tyres to certain places in the world, because they burn them to heat kilns and that pollution is absolutely unreal when you see pictures
  5. As @htb says. Most e clips are in places where you can put something over the top before they go into orbit, even if it’s a digit of yours now if you were asking about piston c clips, that is long explanation 🤔🤫
  6. Go inside then you silly bugger 😉 K
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  8. Exactly chaps! Someone is making money off it. Just wish I could avert my eyes.... anyway I’ll get some snaps of the heinous crimes that have been committed locally tomorrow!
  9. Can't offer any assistance; I'm knackered just thinking about it. Good luck though.
  10. Where in Hampshire are you? Can you give a rough idea of your day rate with the Mewp?
  11. Not today, Wednesday and Thursday on a dead willow over a moat at a manor house. Prep and fence dismantle and reinstatement took about 3/4 of a day! Von’s new GRCS is a total game changer. Macca dumped a few big bits in the moat which winched out with minimum effort. IMG_4981.MOV
  12. I would consider bay (Laurus nobilis), quite common to find decent sized pot grown bays that can be clipped to various shapes.
  13. Here’s one i layed this winter,it had been kept trimmed at about 6/7 ft and then let grow for 12 months
  14. not true i am afraid. you can have any drug you could have before the vaccine. i didn't bother taking my card to my second jab. then the news said cannot get into a pub if you are not fully vaccinated so i am afraid i forged the lot number and put the date on🍺
  15. Only that one - she was not impressed with him being p.....d while doing the job
  16. Search the forum it ya can theres a few threads about roller mowers..other than this one...not being nasty...just saying [emoji3]
  17. My 153 in my picture, went to chainsaw heaven many years ago now as couldnt get parts, shame was a real trooper in the big stuff
  18. as said before, 40cc plus
  19. When I was a lad, we had an allotment, I started a little business supplying sticks to local people (live in the heart of a mining community ) and I used to do all my cutting and chopping in an old brick pig sty. Started with an old rusty bowsaw and an old rusty axe. But soon made enough money to buy a gleaming new bowsaw and axe. Will always have a soft spot for the trusty bowsaw.
  20. I was tempted by that... Need to find someone who makes one of good size! There's ones online but they're pathetic!
  21. I do not quite understand the theory of the "resin gumming up the chimney " resin burns well and I do not understand how it will get through the firebox and choke the chimney !! unless wet / damp wood is being burnt and the stove choked ...
  22. Need to do my gear as well,,, But maybe you already have a head start: won't your climbing gear have serial numbers as part of your last LOLER check? You ought to have the serial numbers of the saws on your receipts probably? That might help get you underway, maybe? Good luck with it A
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