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  2. 1st pic bleak mid winter, 2nd height of summer. Maximum contrast.
  3. ostosix

    what mini loader

    Could either of those lift a pallet of bricks? I see you lifted a bulk bag ok. A 5.3 is fairly competetive price wise with the track loaders.
  4. westphalian

    Rewilding in the UK: What is it and why is it Important?

    That’s why I’m looking forward to a hard brexit. Most the country will rewild
  5. Gimlet

    Cutting it with Battery Power

    I've been thinking about one for hedge laying. On rough hedges with lots of tangled limbs to clean up I'm always needing a saw to hand but it rarely works hard and I've a tendency to leave it idling too long burning plugs out. A cordless makes sense. No stopping and restarting, just pick it up and press the trigger. And when I've got to carry my gear across a field because its cultivated or too wet to drive on, I wouldn't have fuel and oil to carry. Lot of money though and I wonder how long it would last.
  6. trigger_andy

    2nd referendum

    Corbyn is literally the leader of the Labour Party and Abbott is the Shadow Home Secretary What part of ''these two twats are the leaders of the opposition'' are you struggling with? We can all breath a sigh of relief. I agree, shes a twat too! Remind me where Corbyn was educated and his net wealth, I forget. Fixed it for you.
  7. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    what mini loader

    That was done with a 5.3. I have a 6.3 now abit more power and greater lift.
  8. EdwardC

    2nd referendum

    The American banks triggered the crash by lending vast amounts of money to people who couldn't pay it back. Gordon Brown was widely praised worldwide for his response to the crisis by bailing out the banks which was seen as the way to deal with the problem. Had the banks not been bailed out worldwide it would have been a lot worse. I'd still have taken more of an Icelandic approach and put someone else in charge of the bailed out banks and jailed the greedy bankers.
  9. EdwardC

    2nd referendum

    Diane Abbot isn't the leader of the opposition. Neither of them have had any input into the Brexit negotiations. Theresa May has made that her preserve. She has negotiated something she thought would keep all her party happy and all of them in a job. Despite the disastrous general election result, followed by the biggest government defeat in history she continues along the same line. No listening, no compromise, no acceptable deal and no united party. She has acted only in her own interest, and that of her party clung dogidly to power when decent people would have let go, and along with all her fellow Tories protected by wealth and privilege she is happy to sell us all down the river for a few more years in power. She, and the rest of her party, and some Labour MP's have not, and have no interest in acting in the national interest.
  10. Stubby

    Can anyone advise me on how to paint my truck body?

    Get some wode and a pointed stick and then put up some pics 🙂
  11. Paper Rustler


    Will take some tomorrow or over the weekend. Is that ok?
  12. ostosix

    what mini loader

    Thats pretty effective. Is that machine a 6.3? Im thinking of alternative revenue sources to help recoup the cost, and folks always want drivewsys doing. After digging mine 75sqm by hand to 250mm a machine is the only way.
  13. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    Very impressive place!
  14. Mark Bolam

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    We always say ‘Just for the kettle. Thanks!’.
  15. htb

    Grab for sub 3 ton digger?

    Eddie by fixed mount grab do you mean a grapple or a all bells and whistles grab and piped rotator
  16. Gerbutt

    390xp squish.

    Thank you Steve [emoji106]
  17. LGP Eddie

    Grab for sub 3 ton digger?

    That size of machine, go with a grab, then get TMK to Demo the Shear whilst you have the machine. From nothing to a 3 tonner and fixed mount grab is going to move things up a gear or two. Eddie.
  18. spudulike

    Echo CS 2511 TES bar stud issues.

    Sounds like a reasonable Idea to me, may need to make up a stud with a plate on it or some sort of washer on the inside of the tank and bond it in to the hole with a bit of epoxy but may just work fine.
  19. spudulike

    What's on your bench today?

    Fortunately, the other 200 the guy has in was sweet, decent machine and now very nice!
  20. spudulike

    390xp squish.

    It will be safe and not cause any issues if you take that out and should make an improvement.
  21. Gerbutt

    390xp squish.

    Thanks for the advice there Spud. I don’t think I fully understand what you are saying, but would you say that the little triangle on the cylinder transfer that I marked in yellow is the part that needs blending? From what I can see everything else matches perfect, according to the gasket. I’ve just made a new gasket so it’d be great to grind that part before putting it back together.
  22. Dan Maynard

    Stump grinder dealer

    Depending on if I come under usual fuckwits, I would be interested in buying it. Have been thinking of buying one of those blue ones from China but rather a proper one really, so I have cash waiting. I'd collect it.
  23. AJStrees

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    By golly I think your right Mr Humphries. LOL! Yes I think Fomes, took a few shots of different angles but didn't include. Laetiporus and Postia. Photo is of the largest catch of the day. Halfway up the bole of a very large beech.
  24. benedmonds

    Grab for sub 3 ton digger?

    Cheers eddie, that was kind of my reasoning... Found another local firm doing 3ton bobcat for £220 a week, but no grab or shear, they are happy to let me fit our own. But I would probably only afford a grab.. I have also found a hire company that will do a 3Ton Excavator with Tilt hitch (goes left to right also) £320 per Week Tree Sheer to fit 3 Ton Machine £220 plus vat per week. This would have the benefit of definitely working. I guess it depends on the type of work but is a shear much better then a grab or is a man and saw cutting and grab moving the waste efficient? This particular job is lots of small material..
  25. spudulike

    390xp squish.

    0.02" is 0.5mm, no drama. You need to move the gasket from the cylinder to the crankcase and see how different the cylinder lower transfers are to the crankcase opening and then gauge if you can open the lowers to improve flow and resistance. Some high revving saws don't like too much opening as it kills transfer velocity but from your picture, you are looking at small amounts In an ideal world, you could split the crankcase and attach one half to the cylinder and see and feel the differences that can be blended but don't get that chance too often. Like Wes says, ring ends, free porting, skirt width, bevels are all dangerous areas to the uninitiated and need to be understood before you grind metal on an expensive top end!
  26. Ratman

    Finding things out about your kids

    Can you start today?
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