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  2. What stihl oil do you use ? I have just bought a couple of new machine and looking for advice on what oil to use ultra seem really expensive to the other stihl oils
  3. I sometimes process for a mate. Softwood was awesome. Id be filling 12-15 1.5 cube bags a day. Does not sound much but Id have to feed the bed and drive the bags around to the drying shed too. Nice and straight and few issues. Hardwood is a bugger, but at home Im using a Splitter I build myself. But you can play around with the figures quite easily and from country to country. Softwood in Scandinavia is much more dense than in the UK due to the slow growing conditions. But a quick look at any chart will put Beech and Oak at 700-900kg/m3, Scottish being somewhat more dense than European Id assume? European Redwood at 570kg/m3 Spruce at around 400-700kg/m3 and Scots Pine at 510kg/m3. Thats a significant difference. Yeh the price is stupid low, Im stocking up on all I can get my hands on.
  4. Fair enough. Prices like that don't exist around here and would barely cover the harvesting costs. The lower density of softwood (typically 10-20% less, though BTU output is only 10% down due to higher resin content) is offset by the much more rapid processing. When I had a firewood processor, we could do a cubic meter of softwood (with 20-35cm roundwood stock) in 4 minutes. It's very rare to find hardwood that processes that quickly.
  5. Just got back from a few days away and i have only just seen the notification of this thread. I will have a read and submit a more considered response later
  6. htb

    New climbing rope

    IIRC Hedra is the same as Blue tongue. I run blue tongue with a VT and hitchclimber and 8mm OP and depending on the weather wet or dry I change the number of wraps and braids to get a nice performance from it.
  7. Yes, I guess so but the same can be said for hardwood. Control Hardwood and it will burn much longer than controlled softwood. Depends on the Softwood of course and whats being described as Hardwood. Birch can/will burn faster than some dense softwood. I'm getting hardwood in the round for £30 a ton just now, Oak, Birch, Beech and Ash etc. At that price its just not worth me bothering with managed softwood, unless it was free, which it often is.
  8. Yes and no, but mostly yes. My interpretation of the rules is that a tree that is dead, dying or dangerous does not require a licence. All trees suffering from ash dieback fall into that category, though walking around a woodland with an FC forester, he said unless it's stone dead, it should have a licence. Given that the timeframe from first symptoms to completely dead is often months, it seems like a daft line to draw, but that was what I was told.
  9. The last Rabbit owner I knew was an interesting sort.
  10. The speed at which is burns is largely down to air control. Keep ontop of that, and it burns more slowly than some hardwoods.
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  12. A felling leaver does not fit in my wedge pouch.
  13. Chris forestry sells them, £450 plus vat https://www.chrisforestry.co.uk/store/Koller-Mechanical-Felling-Wedge-p136166425 It depends on how much forestry you do, and how accurate you need to be with back leaners and dead trees. For my current site it is proving invaluable.
  14. As above. The main problem you will have with rats is food stealing and the damage associated with it. Let me know if you want to borrow an air rifle should they start.
  15. I think its well known that softwood burns hot, but also for a short period of time. Whilst Im not against softwood per se Id sooner not bother with it unless its free. As Lars Mytting suggests Softwood is for the kitchen.
  16. I stuck the tube at the entrance to their cage and they went through it pretty quickly. i thought I would ask here rather than a rabbit forum as rabbit owners can be pretty ludicrous. The typical answer would be that they belong in the house with us!
  17. Rats not likely to attack your rabbits, we had ours in outside run for years with no problems and rats were a continual problem around the hen house next door. Make sure it's fox proof with heavy guage mesh not the thin chicken wire stuff which foxes can rip through with surprising ease - lost a cockerel that way a few years back. Not sure if rabbits will go through your tube though, they're not the brightest and don't take instruction well but no doubt someone will be along who has rabbits with high IQ's and good verbal skills!
  18. No where as bad has your cut but I was up a cedar cutting the lateral branches and only noticed I’d cut my arm when I felt my hand getting wet in the glove from the blood. Silky Sugoi are very sharp.
  19. Until I sorted out the wright braid for the ocean polyester 90cm eye to eye the friction hitch slipped. Now I’m 100% happy with it. But that’s on the Hedera rope I’m using at the moment.
  20. heres some washingtonia robusta management before and after.Do you guys have palms in UK?
  21. I have a little project on the go while the other half is away. I have a bit of space to the side of my garage that is basically going to waste so I want to make it into an outdoor rabbit area so they can always be out. Currently they are in the back garden and we let them out of their cage for a few hours each day, but then it means we have to keep the dogs locked up. So heres the plan. I am going to excavate the area out, put down steel cage/wiring on the ground, cover it with a layer of top soil and then turf over the top of that, so they can't dig their way out. I will also make a few mounds with tunnels etc in the area. The fence to the side I will be attaching wire mesh too so they can't get out there either. The top will also have wire panels, so the whole thing will be pretty secure. I have made a hole into the garage and will be constructing a 2 story hutch in there so they have somewhere dry and safe to sleep, and can basically come and go as they please. All in all they will be quite spoiled rabbits as far as freedom goes. My concern though is rats. The most obvious thing I can think of is to replace the tubing I currently have going into the garage with a microchip catflap, which in theory should mean that they can quickly get to safety in the event of a rat finding its way into the enclosure. My concern is that they wouldn't get away in time, although rabbits are pretty scatty so i'm guessing they would run to safety at the first sign of movement. I can't really think of any better options than this at the moment so thought I would ask you guys.
  22. Hi guys. Am I right in thinking you don't need a Felling license to fell Ash dieback?
  23. Best thing I did was take my entirely unexpected package and go at 57, (with 32 years "punched") I am now 60, and I was looking forward to a payrise (being the State Pension) in 6 or 7 years, but I will not be getting ahead of myself. Marcus
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