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  2. butters

    Checkatrade Offer

    Didn’t work for me whilst rated people does
  3. 5 shires

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Mike i wouldn’t have a clue how to download it...just read it in the mail...apparently it was done last month and he is going to be prosecuted...when you find it can you down load the link👍
  4. Dan Maynard

    Checkatrade Offer

    I use bark.com , I'm not a heavy user but it works for me to get a few leads. You only spend when you want to contact a customer so I don't have any subscription to pay.
  5. Mick Dempsey

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Got a link? these things are often very different when you see the details. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/builders-who-chopped-down-ancient-15549269 meh..
  6. sandspider

    Closing down

    Whereabouts in South Wales? And can you deliver?
  7. breffni

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    The fucking cunt shpuld be strung up.
  8. josharb87

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Awesome! A photocomp is long overdue! Heres a few recent ones
  9. Here we go again..builder in Swansea mistakingly fells the oldest Red Wood in the country and a large number of others to clear land for 80 houses....need to fine him the cost of the land and the 80 houses he will build and double it.
  10. Taff855

    Closing down

    I have been doing firewood for about 10 years as a sideline and my body has decided enough is enough, and there are easier ways to earn some cash. The issue I now have is.... I have loads of hardwood either cut to meter long splints or a large pile of rounds (8 -10" thick). In total there is probably about 50 - 60 tonne. I know the price I would get for it as firewood but how much to pass it off as a job lot. All the wood is oak, ash, beach with a little bit of holly (at most about a tonne). Any ideas? I'm in South Wales or gods country as I call it.
  11. felixthelogchopper

    how to deal with an employee

    That only counts if he has passed his NPTC units to do that.
  12. forestboy1978

    how to deal with an employee

    Guys let me clear this up a bit. Negatives - Needs to be picked up - Needs reminding quite a lot Positives - Positive work attitude - Not moody or bad tempered - Good with customers - Never sick even if he's a bit sick - Can be relied upon to work while I'm not there - pro active in finding things to do - trustworthy - fairly organised - generally a good person. He does not smoke weed at work, ever, to be clear. Perhaps I'm not as clinically business minded as many on here. But I don't want to be frankly. Money is nice but it really aint all that. Treating people with rational consideration, whilst not being a door mat of course, seem more important to me. Feedback, as always, has been much appreciated.
  13. Justme

    Tachometer regs

    Yes they can, they are also exempt Tacho as they only move short distances between jobs.
  14. Taff855


    After 10 years of doing firewood as a sideline moving about 100tonne a year I have given up this year simply because the hours and space needed and equipment cost in repairs and maintenance and the main reason my body is broken. There are easier ways to make money. Now that everywhere around me wants to sell "seasoned" wood that clearly has just been felled via face book or eBay... The public want cheap products and if a cube of hardwood from me is £100 and a cube of "hardwood" from pikey Dave is £60, they will always go by the cost even the customers I have had for years are saying "dave" down the road can do it for less. I know my product is actually hardwood and seasoned and below 20% and the customers know my product is too, but they see the £40 as a saving so will always go for it no matter how much you advise.
  15. Justme

    Tachometer regs

    The police / DVSA solution to that is, issue ticket let court sort it out at your cost.
  16. Justme

    how to deal with an employee

    This thread has raised an important question. If you as an employer knows that one of your workers likes a toke or two & you allow them to drive for you (company vehicle or even their own but for work use) would you be corporately liable if anything happened? Our local force use drug wipe tests to check for compliance if you have been stopped. Or if an issue happens re saws, chippers or just slack working practice.
  17. Ian C

    Checkatrade Offer

    I have thought about it but after asking others in the industry, one quite large and well known firm they basically all said the same thing, won’t be renewed as it hasn’t really worked! Where’s the poll ?
  18. fagus

    how to deal with an employee

    His record so far is probably enough to get rid; but you will need to have evidence that you cautioned him about his poor performance. If you consider not have serious talk with him which you document and a give him a copy explaining to him it is a warning which could result in the end of his employment. One of that could be gets himself to work. Discuss what he needs to do to improve to your satisfaction; setting out the outcome if improvement is not made and set a time limit (two weeks ?) for these improvements to take place. Let him know if improvement is satisfactory. It is lax to let poor conduct go unchallenged - he can turn round and say I have done this for months and a you never said anything i,e. you have condoned it- which weakens your actions.
  19. Justme

    how to deal with an employee

    You cant be a stonner & drive. Not for long anyway.
  20. Justme

    Uprated vehicles??

    Up rating from the lower legal limits to higher legal limits.
  21. Justme

    Uprated vehicles??

    Its perfectly fine. As said they are doing this stuf all the time. Some are just paperwork & others need bits up rating. It will also be on the V5c so its official.
  22. Today
  23. logs56

    Isuzu Tipper

    We have a ISUZU N35 GRAFTER (120) SINGLE WHEEL TIPPER coming up for sale it is on a 66 plate and done 42k, Price is 14k a lot cheaper than others i have seen,, Ideal truck for logs and coal that is what its been used for, We bought new and have ordered another one, We are in Cornwall, You can reach me on 07980607031
  24. Blusher81

    New Climber In Fareham, Portsmouth Area

    Hi, I sent you a PM
  25. se7enthdevil

    Waney edged what?

    anything in the cypress family really. what are you able to get hold of?
  26. Conor Wright

    Uprated vehicles??

    As an owner of said older type hilux I can confirm that they are well capable of a train weight of 7000kg, now what's all this stuff about uprating?! But as I am not considering parting with it for some time yet, this is of interest to me. Thanks for posting it mr git!
  27. Conor Wright

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    You break it, you buy it. List price for new. If you wrote off his digger would he be happy if you paid for a set of buckets and a track for his new one? If you're teaching someone a lesson teach it once and teach it well.
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