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  2. I can answer that question, or at least one way of doing it, which is how I tiled my extension roof, which is also insulated over the rafters, then plywood, then membrane. If you remove the asphalt, you should be able to see where the plywood is fixed down to the rafters/trusses. Mark these points top and bottom of the roof. Then apply a breathable membrane horizontally in strips, end to end. This would have been a lot easier with two people, but I did it by tacking the strip to the plywood along its top edge, where the rafters were. The strips overlapped so any water would run off. Then fix battens running top to bottom over every rafter, sandwiching the membrane, ply and rafter. Oak or sweet chestnut battens, fixed with helical stainless nails like this: https://mammothroofing.co.uk/products/super-7-160mmthor-helical-pitched-roof-nails-box-of-100 which worked very well, but did need pilot holes in seasoned oak (no pilot hole needed if you are using softwood). My battens were not all straight but they could be pulled straight and held with the helix. It does put holes in the membrane but they are hidden under the batten so no leak path. Horizontal battens can then be fitted at the right spacing, nailing onto the vertical battens (which are called counter battens). Spacing can be rustic, using the curve of the battens, or uniform using a spacing block and bending them to shape. Bear in mind that if random you need to put the battens closer together to allow for the maximum gap, which means more shingles too. I was using outrageously expensive handmade tiles (to satisfy Listed Buildings) and that meant I wanted the fewest I could get away with, so pulled the battens straight. The shingles can then be fixed to the horizontal battens, either by hanging on pegs or using stainless annular ring shank nails (much easier). Pilot holes are needed. If you just try and nail onto the batten then it bounces too much, but sliding a block between it and the plywood stops that. So long as the shingles are close enough together to stop direct sun getting through the membrane holds up pretty much forever. It took me a while (I made all the batten too by cleaving sweet chestnut) but it came out nicely in the end, and it wasn't hard, just repetitive. Alec
  3. I'm not sure but that's what I've heard. Makes sense I suppose. Not worth wearing some ppe only to have it compromised by a sticker!
  4. Making the news today. Young guns is on bbc soon, that's worthy of a mention me thinks.
  5. It is true that some types of glue can damage helmets just the same as it can with any type of crash helmet
  6. I put a modified T540 auto-return switch on my 390/395/3120. Works fine for me. I have bigger Husqvarna dawgs on my 572. I think they're the same as the 390, and wider clutch cover too.
  7. Which way you going to play it. Buy or sell? I’ve sent Mark a PM. Hopefully he sees it and we can have a chat.
  8. Oak shingles would look fantastic I just can't imagine how to secure them on the roof without damaging the waterproof layer underneath . Done properly a shingle roof won't need any waterproof membrane underneath but not in my case : ) I might spend this summer cutting shingles i guess thank you
  9. Husqvarna K770 fuel filler cap will fit the fuel and oil filler cap of the 390, as for the auto start switch, this will be an issue, there is no diode in the 390 ignition unit so it will just restart when it springs back, and only stop if you hold it open, not a good safety issue.
  10. That’s the literal rule. The golden rule is about diverging from the literal rule if doing so would result in absurdity.
  11. Yes maybe would sprout a bit. A willow log will sprout and take root if it's just sat on damp soil. Twigs/shoots don't generally have enough stored reserves to take root so readily unless pushed into soil or stuck in water where they can get growing rapidly.👍
  12. I wondered whether the use of wooden shingles was previously common in your area? I tried googling it, but I'm not on a winner with that one (too many language challenges!) - I found them in Romania but that was about the best I could achieve. If so, they might meet your requirement of being in-keeping and thin. If the raw material is available (oak or sweet chestnut in suitable rounds) then it is practical to make your own, given time, as it's a very repetitive task, removing the need to find skilled craftsmen. No denying that a skilled craftsman will be faster, achieve a higher yield and they will look better, but it's possible to do an adequate job with very basic tools, some general idea of what you are doing and plenty of spare material to scrap! Alec
  13. Today
  14. unless pilled up with a combination of dust and moisture
  15. It defo won't grow from cuttings that are not pushed into soil.
  16. Yes, one thing you can be certain of with the law, is once you step in a court you have no idea what will happen. NOTHING is set in stone with a judge, there might be established case law, but they can choose to ignore this, there is a word for it, but it escapes me right now.. HOWEVER, you can guarantee, thet the one thing that a judge will have uppermost in his mind is the bit about "the disease which inflicteth the commonwealth" [the prevention of smoke] This disease blah blah thing comes from Heydon, a case from 1584, so i think it can be taken as well established by now.. You say i missed the "golden rule"... It is the golden rule which establishes that words shall be given their ordinary meaning, hence my bit about "animals" not including unusual things such as lions and tigers.. john..
  17. Huntingdon train station clearance works this week
  18. The helmet manual does usually say no stickers, how much that is rear end covering we can never know. Most people don't read the manual of course but I am strange like that.
  19. Our farm is located in Eastern Europe ( Moldova ) and (reed) thatched roofs was something very common half a century ago however these days you would rarely see any and chances to find a local (skilled) company / people to thatch a roof is next to nothing or at least is not an easy task
  20. Evening all, I’ve heard tale of being able to swap the ‘off switch’ on my 390 for an auto return one, possibly the same fitment as the one on a 540 top handle perhaps? Also, I’m after some new fuel and oil caps, the newer style ones with the flip out twist part. Does anyone know which model I could order that would the 390? Lastly, I’m after some bigger felling dawgs for my 572. Are the ones from Husky decent enough or any other top tips? I’m looking at you @outinthewood for some top tips! 😁 Just putting an order together for L&S, may as well get a few bits at the same time. Thanks in advance.
  21. Ratman

    Decent Tv series

    I got a feeling this new season is gona have a mid season break…. Seems to be the the norm with the big watch’s of late! [emoji849] hope not, but will be frustrating if it is! [emoji36]
  22. You mention that you are not in the UK. Whereabouts are you? I wondered what the equivalent local vernacular construction material on ancient buildings might be? Is there anything useful you can borrow from? Alec
  23. Totally agree .. I thought it was a foolish idea but needed somebody to confirm that : ) the water will definitely run thro - as the layer will be too thin .. I will look for an alternative then
  24. How are you going to stop it growing ?
  25. gand


    Please do Steve, they don't seem to like giving demo's to us dealers.
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