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  2. peds

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    Like all gadgets for ropework and climbing and everything, if used improperly then you might die. But use them correctly, as the designer intended, and you'll probably live.
  3. Joe Newton

    Telecom lines

    If you take out a line it's easier to call bt and claim the tree shed a limb, you were just called in to make the tree safe...
  4. david lawrence

    Rock machinery. Venom log splitter thoughts/experiences

    find the table a little low i am just over 6 foot tall and try and to set it up a bit higher than where i stand when doing horizontal splitting otherwise all good
  5. Must be some size! That DF log was getting towards the limit for the tractor. We're 250m ASL and it seems fairly dense for DF. Had 4 loads of 3.7s go out today, and it barely dented the stack.
  6. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl OK and chicane

    Had a try out of a few different crabs today and it does look like its the new shaped Petzl OK or AMD only unfortunately. As you say though Rupe it is to rigidly hold the carabiner and stop it flopping about. Looks like we will have to update the web site description to make it clear that it is the latest design of carabiner only.
  7. JonnyRFT

    Telecom lines

    This was a job I really hated. 15 lines from one pole right in the tree. I ended up being pretty brutal to this Whitebeam but it was necessary.
  8. AHPP

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    Fuck that.
  9. AHPP

    Lime timber for milling

    Some guitars have basswood bodies, which I gather is lime or similar.
  10. looks nice timber that J , where on that beech at the moment and some timber in there i dont think we will lift in 2.5s and i can just see it getting disced up for firewood, a shame ,
  11. openspaceman

    Trees release methane

    It oxidises so depending on the timescale used it becomes less significant.
  12. openspaceman

    Telecom lines

    Similarly it's a long time since I replaced a wire, 30 years so it may have changed. Firstly there is generally no connection at the pole, the wire is held with spiral wraps each side of the pole. undo a few poles worth and you can lay the wire on the ground, I've never done this but seen it done. If the line goes to a house then again there are spiral wraps that take the tension and the "jellies" that join the wire to the house are a loose loop. In the days of fax machines it was important to connect the wires the same way/polarity. Of course it will cause an ADSL modem to drop out and I don't know if they re connect automatically. If the phone rings when you are holding a bare wire you could get a 70V shock.
  13. Hi is the Ash and Oak still available and what price per ton ? Do you have any way to deliver to Leominster
  14. trigger_andy

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    Ive been using a Duromatic 48" Bar for Milling for over 2 years now and Milled maybe 20 logs with it. Not had an issue, I keep the nose oiled though. I use a Lo-Pro Bar with my 36" Mill.
  15. Today
  16. HighlandSawyer

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    I would want the bar could come in handy someday. Will be getting a few milling bars and chains from chainsawbars cannot fault his service or advice. No dealers deliver apart from this 1 so it’s handy. Local place on a 880 is £1425.
  17. The largest tree felled on site so far. 36. 8m of usable product off this one. The first length (4.9m) was a pig to lift with the tractor as it was nearly 60cm at the top end.
  18. TreeAbility are an Arb Approved family run business based in Sevenoaks Kent. We cover Kent and South East London doing all aspects of tree surgery and hedging. Mainly private with some commercial work. About the job: We're looking for experienced and intermediate climbers and a trainee We are an Arb Approved family business looking for people used to working to very high standards. Great long term career prospect to be part of a successful business with ongoing personal development and progression. Shorter term opportunities also if working over here on a travel visa or sub contracting positions available • £ up to £35k depending on experience. • 28 Days leave including bank holidays • Sevenoaks, Kent. J5 M25 or J2 M20 Must have CS 30, 31, 38, 39 Driving licence for 2 years preferable
  19. billpierce

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    Ring a few dealers before you buy new. Gustharts quoted me around 950 for an 880 with no bar. Also the stihl 48" bars dont have nose sprockets ( or at least some dont, duromatic are the solid nose type) which I reckon isnt what you want for milling. You 660 bar will not fit the bigger stihl range but will go on 460s etc. Some of the bars that chainsawbars sells are large stihl mount and just come with an adapter plate to fit a 660 or similar saw.
  20. oldwoodcutter

    Telecom lines

    I meant they will charge you if you prearrange them to come out on a certain day to drop them , then come back later to put up again. On the rare occasion we’ve busted a line, we ask the householder to call them after we’ve swept up and say innocently my lines gone dead, to which of course they come out free of charge.
  21. andy cobb

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    If anybody's interested I've got a 075 I'm looking to get rid of. Based in North Yorkshire if it's any good for anyone.
  22. the village idiot

    Climate change anyone?

    I believe we would need something akin to what you are describing but wouldn't put it quite so starkly. I don't think we would see the end of growth (there are many ways to grow, GDP would admittedly take a hammering). I dont think it would be the end of private enterprise or personal wealth either. We need to do things differently, but there would still be plenty of 'winners' financially. It's not just climate change either. The rising global temperature along with the impending AI/automation explosion will mean that the standard capitalist model simply won't work. Something like Universal Basic Income will become a necessity, and we will need to find other avenues than wealth accumulation to give us our sense of purpose. There are real opportunities here amongst all the gloom, we just have to start thinking a bit differently and more deeply about what really matters.
  23. HighlandSawyer

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    I’ll watch the 084 on eBay. I’m seriously thinking about the new 880 with a 48” for £1210. It’s a fair price. I’ll wait 5-6 weeks and if nothing pops up that takes my fancy I will just get the 880. The 660 bar won’t fit bigger saws?
  24. Husky D

    Pfanner Jackets - Waterproof?

    I’ve got the forest jacket and like it, possibly partially due to the fact that I didn’t have to buy it myself!! I was surprised at the weight of it as it has a honeycomb inner to help cool and keep you warm with air circulation so more substantial than I thought it would be. As others have said it’s not fully waterproof but I’ve been out in some pretty lousy weather and my shoulders and chest were dry due to the waterproofing in the hi-viz area and even thought the rest isn’t waterproof it was mainly the sides that let the wet through. I wouldn’t wear it in torrential weather (or have a waterproof over it) but it’s my go to jacket at the moment for general work and it’s pretty robust. Definitely not the cheapest and I’m sure there are other jackets for far less (plenty of reviews of gear on here) and arguably as good or better but it’s what I researched and wanted so ticks the boxes.
  25. Haironyourchest

    Climate change anyone?

    Yes, indeed that's the salient paragraph. So, I read this as government control over the economy. To paraphrase "The people won't change vouluntarily, so we will force them to change". This is communism. Rationing. No travel without a permit. The end of growth, private enterprise, personal wealth etc. Do you read it differently?
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