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  2. We will have 5 attic loaded of poplar is there any market for them at the moment
  3. Have you checked the tip site directory? https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/nearby-tipsites/
  4. Rough Hewn


    Where is it? Yes definately worth milling. [emoji106]
  5. openspaceman


    I don't think I have come across elm with shake
  6. Today
  7. All good here, we had some rain overnight, only enough to settle the dust. Grey overhead but still quite warm.
  8. Heavy rain this morning here🌧️,bit breezy,day in the workshop today then👍
  9. Hi Everyone, So I have an Ash tree that is looking like a bit of a sick puppy and I wanted a little bit of input from guys who have experience with Chalara. The tree itself is in West Dorset and there doesn't appear to be any cases registered anywhere close. The property has a good 2 figure sum of ash trees on it and this seems to be the only one suffering in any way. The tree overall looks poor, it's not thriving at all with a lot of dead/dying limbs. There is new growth from lower sections of the main trunk and the only growth that is green is from new/fresh branches, there are cankers and most of the growth seems to be dying. I can't see any symptoms of die back, no black splotches on leaves, no lens shaped lesions etc. The leaf litter is pretty normal, no black twigs etc. The rest of the Ash trees on the property are thriving, full crowns, no dead limbs (the next large ash tree being around 20m from this one. What do people make of it? I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do with it seeing as the chances of it having ash die back are very small. It sure isn't healthy though. What would you do?
  10. Hey, I am looking for a place to offload a large amount of logs in Swindon. Anyone got any connections or places to do so? Cheers
  11. Actually I have a lot of Makita tools, grinders, circular saws, SDS drlls etc.. all are very good but I have a Makita orbital sander and it's absolute crap.
  12. yes it might be worth a try coils are cheap it has to be SOMETHING right?
  13. been using Husky 435s for years for hedge laying but the last couple have not been so good so just bought this from Shavey (on here)and so far its a great little saw far better than the 435
  14. I'm by no means an expert but I did have saw once that has a similar issue. Turned out replacing the coil fixed it. It seemed that there was a break in the lead that tested fine when the plug was out, but wasn't connecting right when on the plug. Might be worth a go.
  15. actually I lie. I have 50:1 in it now with ordinary 2 stroke. I used to run it also on 50:1 with the husky oill too - as per instructions. The destruction manual says drop to 33:1 if you use regular 2 stroke so I could do that but I know that isn't enough to do this to it.
  16. Thanks Stubby. The outboard is just mised with regular 2 stroke at 50:1. I did have 40:1 in it before with the expensive husqvarna oil. I think it might be enough to make it grumble but not kill it completely. My current guesses are either the impulse tubeway still isn't holding pressure - in fact I am surprised that it's a pipe of 3 or 4 bits of metal that seem to be just 'pressed togther' seems plenty of scope to go wrong. OR the aftermarket card is also sh*te and I've got 2 carbs on the blink unlikely but possible.... Husqvarna you are going down in my opinions very fast.
  17. Why would he do that - yr just gonna bang on forever abt it regardless. K
  18. Bracken cleared for 140,000 tree-planting project WWW.BBC.CO.UK Volunteers want to see native trees blossom on the Black Mountains. Bloody good effort lads.. k
  19. Hi thanks yeah I did it yesterday worked a real treat I will take some photos on friday as I am not there till then
  20. The only thing that stood out for me was number 6 . Out board mix is different . Something to do with the oil being different because of the water cooling on an out board . I would not use out board mix in a chainsaw . Other than that a very comprehensive test . I would have sent it to spud by no 8sih ! ☺️
  21. David Dolan


    Private residence. Please call and arrange. Short notice accepted.
  22. Andrew Deveney

    Andrew Deveney

    All hardwood logs and cord or larger items selected. Easy access and unload very close to the road
  23. Hi, I write in desperation and you will see why. I have 4 year old Husqvarna 435. It's a low hours engine - maybe 25 hours over its whole life. It has been very carefully loked after, drained over winter, never left in rain, never dropped etc.... It's always started first time. Now it won’t start. It kind of burns feebly enough to make some smoke while the rope is being pulled and then sometimes fires but only for literally half a blip then dies and makes a bit of oily smoke the spark plug (brand new) is oily and a bit of oil comes out a bit through the spark arrestor I consider myself good with engines and maintain a year old 15hp outboard and a 20year old Toyota landcruiser I have so far: (in this order) 1) changed the spark plug, twice 2) checked that there is a lovely fat blue white spark by grounding it on the case 3) changed the air filter, 4) Left the air filter off to make sure its getting air no doubts 5) Changed the fuel filter, 6) changed the fuel out for fresh new fuel that makes the outboard run like a train so I know it’s good. 7) Taken out the plug and left it for a day to let any flooded fuel evaporate, 8) taken out the plug, turned upside down and cranked it to make 100% sure any flooded fule runs out 9) Taken off the spark arrestor - it was clear anyway. Left it off for now. 10) stripped and rebuilt the carb 11) Changed the carb out for a new one - not OEM - aftermarket 12) Carefully made sure the L and H on the carb are set to allow a start 13) Made sure there is a couple of extra turns on T to give it a helping hand 14) Taken off the muffler to find that the piston it literally like new, no carbon no scoring 15) taken off the fltwheel to find that the keyway is not sheared so timing fine 16) taken off the whole inlet boot and manifold to make sure that the 'built in' impulse pipe is clear - it (like evwerything else) was pristine 17) Checked that the air purge pumps fuel - it does - so it is drawing fuel up into the bottom of the carb under the membrane 18) Checked all the hoses, they are full of fuel, don't leak and spill the fuel when taken off so they seem to be doing their job 19) checked that the hole in the piston case, the holes in the inlet manifold and the hole in the bottom of the carb that all togther make up the impulse pipe are joined and sealed 20) pulled off the connectors from the 'cutout' switch that ground the coil to stop it running and taped them up so there is no way they can be operating by accident. There is a spark anyay. 21) I know there is good compression on the upstroke becuase it is hard to crank and then gets easy when the plug is out. 22) checked that the clutch is running freely - getting desperate now 23) considered the crankshaft oil seals leaking pressure - looked at them they at least look like new - remember it's a very low use chainsaw. All for absolutely no result. I am very careful with my mix - I have proper measuring containers and I use a syringe to put in the correct dose of oil. I use the proper expensive Husqvarna oil (like an idiot) I think that the oily cylinder and plug is a symptom of me pulling it over and over to try start it pumping fuel and oil in rather than the cause So I am about to smash it to bits with a sledgehammer. I've spent more time trying to fix it than I've used it. I thought Husqvarna was supposed to be a good make. You can get 20 inch bar 'cheapos' for £80 on ebay - it would be easier, chepaer and quicker to do that and then just chuck it out every 2 years. It's like I have a chainsaw that's been cursed. Any help much appreciated,
  24. If just cleaning the mud off then a pressure washer would on paper be miles better. Less trying to abrade it off, more washing it off.
  25. From my short time milling a wire brush is very handy for cleaning oak bark
  26. The boys on Amazon is very good if you want something a bit different and don't mind violence.
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