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  2. Free wood here....I say free but I am a firm believer of the bartering system so tend to throw in a bit of help or a good servicing deal to offset one of the local guys dropping a bit of wood off for my log burner. Last lot was hornbeam....thanks Rob, before that lime....cheers Rich/Gareth and before that Acacia....thanks Andy. I have in the past, gone out and cut up fallen boughs from the side of the road and fields with the owners permission but generally there are one or two customers wanting to get rid of some rings if you aren't too sniffy on wood types.
  3. That splicing looks very impressive, if I could learn how to splice I would make my own eye to eye. Are the tails on my knots long enough?
  4. I have been in the current place with open fire, later replaced by a stove, for 12 years. I have only once properly paid for wood, which was three full loads of the wife’s MPV with the seats down, loaded to the gunwhales, softwood for £23 after someone had had some trees felled and sold the chunky arisings on eBay. Other than that my wood has been either completely free or a trailer and car load in exchange for a donation to Timon. Most recently I got as much free ash as I could take away from a felling, only a mile or so away from home. Of course, all of these involve fetching, loading, sawing and splitting, but since my day job is at a desk, I sort of consider that like an alternative to going to the gym!
  5. spindle as said - we have one in the garden
  6. Yeah, I tried, it's an ancient model, very little info on it. I think it's all there, two side baffles and the too baffle, all interlivking like they should. We're looking at getting a Jotul 602 if I can't sort the Waterford out. I'm going to try and make the firebox opening smaller by blanking off a few inches with bits of flat bar-stock and see if it helps. The Jotul had a bit of a "lip" on the floor end of the firebox opening, whereas the Waterford firebox is just flat all the way.
  7. Thanks very much for your replies. Very helpful. Do you mean you find slick pin tricky to open? I’ve seen on a video some solutions for a keeper string to stop the pin being dropped.
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  9. Probably as I doubt there was much change between the 300d series and the cargo. The six cylinder tractor engines changed with the TW engines in the ford 8100 I think.
  10. Thanks I'll keep you informed when I pull it into a shed
  11. Does anyone or any of the dealers have a part number or give me a price for the outside spikes for the 500i Cheers Charlie
  12. you could look online for an exploded view parts manual to see if its all there and set up properly, cant help other than that. jotuls are nice stoves!
  13. No just put a new driven plate in you should be able to take the top cover off the gearbox and see if the first motion shaft is turning
  14. We replaced a great reliable Jotul with this Waterford 100, bought for cheap. I like the stove, well made, heavy, but by God it smokes. It smokes on lighting. Smokes when the fires going well and everything is hot. Basically if the door is opend, it smokes. The Jotul never smoked. Now, the Jotul was old with the internal baffels cracked, and I passed it on to a relative for his workshop. It was running a light gauge, single wall stainless flue, no probs. I gave the flue away with the Jotul, and bought a new flue for the Waterford 100, a heavier gauge, single wall stainless. Anyone have experience with this stove? I'm thinking the internal airflow Dynamics of the Waterford are just not as good as the Jotul. It also has a wider opening than the Jotul. Here's a pic. Ideas will be great fully received.
  15. Only open for tips on the 3rd Saturday of each month
  16. I have the X, It can only be ordered via Richard and there is an import tax to pay. Can't remember exactly how much but around £30-£60. I tried the HH1 and liked it, decided on the 2 but saw the X while researching. I went for the quickie link model and it is a faff, the carabiner version would have been easier but not sure if it would work any better. The X body is aluminium and is anodised, this is a hard coating but the constant moving of the slick pin has taken the coating off, doesn't affect it but perhaps the steel bodied 2 would have been better, but not lighter. It is good at SRT and is also good drt, though the carabiner version would have been less fiddly. SRT into the tree, drt around if desired then tie off mid crown and SRT a bit if needed, then back to drt. Bing.
  17. Are those hard to repair? Not sure Thanks for your input fellas, appreciate the help
  18. Not for me but anyone interested in MP may care to know which bit of the world it's lying on!
  19. We have been using these Draper 1" Petrol Water Pump Footing Flood Pond Transfer with Fittings 87680 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Petrol Water Pump (85L/Min) (refurbished). • Easy pull start. • Hose outlet size: 25mm. Expert Quality. • Self priming. • For... They will happily run six sprinklers each , have two on the back of our bedford watering unit. Bob
  20. Were abouts is the job ? I'm I'm West Sussex ( not cutting any more ) just curious .
  21. We used to have a 1976 Ford Cargo horse box with a six cylinder 6 liter engine. Would this be the same one ?
  22. Sounds like release bearing shat itself.
  23. I use this method a lot on Horse shoes prior to welding, I just chuck them in a bucket with warm water and a dollop of citric and leave to stew.
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