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Annulus - ring around the stem of toadstools & mushrooms

Anamorph asexual form of a fungus

Basal - area around the base of a tree

Biotrophic parasite - feeds off host cells whilst it is still a functioning organism

Brown rot - type of decay in which fungi degrade cellulose in the cell walls, creating a brown color in the decayed wood.

Bracket - Annual or perennial Fruitbody form, that is shelf like in appearance, sometimes singular but also in tiers. Aka conk

Bulbous - swollen basal area of a stem

Celulose - makes plant stems, stalks and trunks rigid and gives structure to cell walls.

Faculative parasite - fungi that have the ability to act both saprophytically and parasitically

Fruitbody - spore-producing structure

Geotropism - response to gravity

Gill - fertile ribs underneath caps

Guttation - liquid drops oozing out of the fruit body surface

Heartwood - discoloured wood that contains no living cells but may contain chemicals that react to injury

Hyphae - long filamental branch like structures, that are the main vegetative part of fungi

Lignin - binds to cellulose fibers to harden and strengthen cell walls

Mycelium - network of vegetative hyphae from which the fruitbody grows

Mycorrhizal - fungi strategy (symbiotic) that benefits both itself & host, breaking down trace elements for the tree also increasing the trees water uptake, whilst in return gains carbohydrates from the tree

Necrotrophic parasite - pathogen that kills the host its on

Pore - the mouth of a spore bearing tube

Parasitic - strategy of how types of fungi sustain themselves upon a living host tree, giving nothing in return

Pathogen - an infectious agent/organism

Resupinate - bent backwards/reversed

Rhizomorph - dark bootlace like strands that extend through the substrate in search of new areas of a tree to degrade

Rhizosphere - area around the roots where mycorrhiza are active

Saprophytic - fungi strategy where it sustains itself off dead/dysfunctional or dying organic material

Sapwood - wood that contains living cells that provide storage, transport, protection & support

Sessile - without a stem

Spore - macro seed like unit, that facilitates the asexual reproduction

Sporophore - spore producing or bearing structure

Symbiosis - mutual exploitation & benefits between two dissimilar organisms

telemorph - sexual form of a fungus

White rot - decay of wood in which both cellulose and lignin are broken down.
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