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Knot Type
  • Friction hitch

  • Ddrt (doubled rope technique), Footlocking strop, various rigging applications

Suggested Cordage Size
  • 10mm on 11-13mm host line

Further Comments
  • The Klemheist is similar in action to the Prusik knot. Its grips the rope reliably when weight is applied and releases freely. The Klemheist is generally considered a smooth running hitch than the Prusik with the added advantage that it can be tied using a piece of webbing if required. In addition to a standard Ddrt set-up, the Klemheist is often used in various rigging applications, such as forming spider legs for balancing, or tensioning speedlines. The Klemheist is an excellent choice for using when footlocking up a doubled line

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Step 1 - Take a pre-formed prusik loop as shown Step 2 - Take a wrap moving downwards Step 3 - Take a second wrap Step 4 - Feed the tail upwards through the first loop Step 5 - Pull the tail in a downward motion Step 6 - Dress and set
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