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Blakes Hitch
Blakes Hitch
Knot Type
  • Friction hitch

  • Ddrt (Doubled rope technique)
Suggested Cordage Size
  • Blakes hitch should use the same size cord as the climbing rope

Further Comments
  • A good knot, preferred over hitches such as the Tautline and Prusik as being less prone to binding. Care should be taken to tie the knot exactly as in the description with fig 8 stopper. The Blakes hitch is tied with a single length of rope, generally approximately 1.5m with a spliced eye one end, known as a split tail.

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Step 1 - Position the cord around the rope Step 2 - Take a wrap around the rope Step 3 - Third wrap Step 4 - After the fourth wrap the tail comes back down the rope Step 5 - Bring the tail back down and across the front of the working end Step 6 - Take the tail behind the rope Step 7 - Tuck the tail underneath the first 2 wraps then exit Step 8 - Dress and set the knot Step 9 - Tie a figure 8 stopper knot in the tail
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