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Knot Type
  • Friction hitch

  • Ddrt (doubled rope technique)

Suggested Cordage Size
  • 10mm on 11-13mm host line

Further Comments

  • A very responsive knot. Care must be taken to ensure it is tied correctly. Too loose and it is prone to slip, too tight and it will bind up. Much like the Valdotain tresse, it is worth experimenting with to find the perfect spot.

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Step 1 - Position cord as shown Step 2 - Take a wrap then pass the tail between the cord and rope Step 3 - Take a wrap Step 4 - Take another wrap Step 5 - Pass tail behind the rope, then round the front and through the formed loop Step 6 - Pass the tail in front of the working end Step 7 - Round the back, then through the same loop Step 10 - Dress and set, tie a figure 8 stopper knot in tail
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Author Comment Date
JoeRD I have recently started climbing on this knot with Ocean P 10mm which has a breaking strain of 3300 dN (or 3300kg equivelant) Does anyone know if this is acceptable to climb SRT with this combo with a ropewrench? 24-04-16
Kailas Actually this knot is the Valdotain you call it, just in an open version with split tail, not to confuse with the Valdotain Tresse which is the Tresse, braided version of this same base knot.. lot of confusion with different language...anyway google "noeuds valdotain" to have an idea 07-10-13
Ben Lad Hi Nigel... so to clarify it is not advised to use a cord like silver streak in this way??

I only labour the point because here we have a demo that may not meet industry best practice, and i am still not 100 percent clear
Nigel Silverstreak only has a tensile strength of 2000kg in straight pull, when knotted you can loose anything upto 50% of the ropes strength. The arb industry expects all goods to have a rating of 22kN. 28-06-11
Ben Lad At a recent tree comp a pal of mine who climbs on the Helical using silverstreak as pictured above was told that silverstreak wasn't rated high enough to use as a split tail... that both ends of the cord should be tied and clipped.

Can any one confirm this?

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