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Tautline hitch
Tautline hitch
Knot Type
  • Friction hitch

  • Ddrt (doubled tope technique)

Suggested Cordage Size
  • The Tautline hitch should use the same size cord as the climbing rope

Further Comments
  • A traditional climbing knot, more often replaced by the Prusik or Blakes hitch. It has the advantage of being adjustable in length, but has a tendancy to bind similar to the prusik. A figure 8 stopper knot is vital with the Tautline hitch.

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Step 1 - Position split tail as shown Step 2 - Wrap the tail downwards Step 3 - Pass the tail upwards as shown Step 4 - Take a full wrap and feed the tail back through Step 5 - Take another wrap Step 6 - Dress and set Step 7 - Tie figure 8 stopper knot
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Author Comment Date
Treespasser Whenever I tie this knot, it never stays tight. It always slips. 07-01-12
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