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A honest quote.

Hi, I visited a site where the client has a very large beech tree bang in the middle of his front lawn. The tree is subject to tpo status. My estimate is that its girth at 5ft is 9ft plus, about 4 ft 6" accross, the height is in excess of 90 ft, the canopy is enormous with some really big long branches. Under the tree are two double BT lines at right angles, including poles and a conservatory, two chest high fences and a single track road, which is a little off the beaten track, due to these, every single bough will have to be lowered as well as the blocking down of the main trunk. I know a picture says a thousand words but the tree simply is enormous and is the biggest on the hill. There is a slight lean to the tree as well as a vertical 8ft part healed scar on the lower section of the trunk. The owner reports his front lawn "moving" during reasonable winds.His house is subject to 50-60% permanent shade due to the trees location there being mould over most of the roof and walls. At least 2/3 s of the root system has interference from walls, the road and other obstacles. Simply put-the job is enormous and a right B*****D, Fortunately there are no traffic management issues. My question then is, doing a whole take down/dismantle employing 2 groundies-for a full 3 days including clean up etc, what would be the net charge to the customer ?. Obviously we will not bring in any monies made from the sale of the wood and a presumption that any tpo application would be succesful/accepted. Serious observations please, regards...Nick Pearson, Timberline-Roe Ltd.
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