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Re: Leopard and cub

The clients were my parents so slightly easier BUT in a way, harder! Main nerves were about trying to hold the plan in my head when i had to carve 1 day, miss a day and then carve again on the third day (i did the CS30 training/assessment on the middle day). Smell nice? hmm.. no, not especially. Its very hard wood (had to re-sharpen the chains a couple of times) and had a slight 'medicinal' small but not massively. Its been dead for a long time and was pretty dry so perhaps thats why? The cub was a last-minute addition. I wanted to complete the story and there needed to be a reason why shy was climbing teh tree. either 'prey' or cub. I decided on the cub but only wanted to suggest teh shape, not carve it in detail. given i could only just reach the cub with my arms extended i couldnt do much in teh way of detail anyway
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