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A Very British Affair today!

This thread has nothing to do with wether or not the Monarchy or celebrating the reign of the Queen is the right thing to,s about my relationship with the Capital of this country.I have been a visitor to London for about 30 years and have worked and lived here for almost that time i have noticed that it isn,t excactly encouraged to be proud of being English/British for whatever reason,and that has always made me feel sad...i have no problem with anybody here where ever they are from...but i have noticed a lack of Britishness here. Today restored my faith in a Country that i Love and am so proud to come took me over one hour to reach the river due to the ammount of people that had turned out..i have never seen so many people by the Thames and i have enjoyed many new years eve celebrations here over the years...but this was different.There were so many flags and the atmosphere was so was like a breath of fresh air!.....the ammount of River craft was was lead by "Gloriana" made up of oarsmen like olympians Steve Redgrave and servicemen who had been disabled in was a stunning site gleaming Gold as it cut thriough the grey Thames in the pouring rain....The weather didn,t stop anyone from cheering and the Champagne was flowing in the streets. For me ,today was about enjoying the moment despite the typical British Weather and i will never forget it!
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