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Re: wage per tonne for felling sitka spruce

Originally Posted by henderson12 View Post
Any decent cutter should be on 150.00 per day minimum what with fuel / oil / vehicle costs and of course don't forget the little incidentals like Tax & National insurance.
If some parasite offers you 50 to 100 per day to an experienced cutter, you are entitled to beat them with a stick then let them cut it themselves.
You might be right but it AINT GONNA HAPPEN! Forestry economics simply aint there yet. Piece rate bonkers cutter maybe but otherwise, dream on.

Originally Posted by henderson12 View Post
Quick Question;
Am I correct in thinking a lot of climbers / tree care companies are diversifying into commercial forestry, if so why?
YES!!! And they are making a massive BALLS UP of it. I subbed to one such shower of crap last year and they still owe me 12k since their so called forester buggered up the timber sale. Note to Arb Firms - f off out of forestry.
Softwood pays the bills.
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