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Re: wage per tonne for felling sitka spruce

Originally Posted by jbtreeservice View Post
whats the average wage per tonne for felling and snedding many trees per tonne? 6-15 inch diameter?
Lets work this one backwards , day rate £50to£70 (for work in the woods) Depending on ground level conditions and topography lets say you can fell and clean 5 to 7 tones per day then i think you must be some where around the £10 a ton mark, don't all jump on me , yes its been a long time since i did it, and yes i'm sure its still rubbish money DBH 6-15inch, I'd say about 3 to 5 trees to a Ton. But as i said DON'T ALL JUMP ON ME, the man just wont's an idea.

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