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Re: Has H&S gone miles too far

Agreed, the aim I think for the h&s person is to bring about a standstill.
To illustrate I did a day on a concrete mixer truck. One site all bannered out considerate constructor, etc. Building a school.

To avoid sticking to their own liability, all subbies on site. Everyone miserable cannot wait to get off site to another job, always made to feel like a naughty schoolboy.
I had to fill out a form on entering site, thou shalt not and around 10 commandments, The form also asked how far you had travelled to site(assume this is for another penpusher to fill his/her days figuring out carbon footprint whilst running heating and lighting in an office!
One of the commandments was.Do not leave the ground without appropriate fall arrest equipment in place. I said "Ive got the ladder on the back of the truck that will do?" The security guy said ok. But if not I could not of washed the concrete chute and hopper out at the end of the job and concrete would of dripped off the back on the road, ruining their image and potentially causing damage to vehicles on the highway.
Another one DO NOT REVERSE WITHOUT BANKSMAN. Which you have to do several times because no one wants responsibility and lack interest as they are always watching their own backs. Then what really amazed me on site a Man in full fall arrest gear on a flatbed artic trailer hooking up a cranes hook to lift concrete beams off the trailer, he was attached to a cord hung off the tines of a large merlo telehandler.
My personal risk assessment would be. If anything goes for example the crane driver has a heart attack and slumps slewing the crane round wiping the handler out, bungeeing me on a tether. I'd rather risk falling 5ft in to a mudbath.
I incidentally drove the mixer between the merlo and the trailer, whilst he was attached as no one was helping me where to take the load. But I wasn't bothered because like everyone else on site a ban is in your favour.

I don't have a bad attitude to helping people but, H&S is now getting excessive, costing a fortune demoralising staff taking away self esteem and job interest, and in some cases creating power hungry unreasonable tyrants.

Incidently my only dangerous experiences on a concrete mixer are getting hung up in a hi vis vest, on the inside of the cab door and on once on the ladders at the back!
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