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Felling licences and higher level stewardship

Hi Folks has anyone any experience dealing with the higher level stewardship scheme[HLS]?I am trying to get my head around a job ive been asked to look at, it concerns a field which has been included within a HLS.
The field is currently used for grazing sheep but has recently been managed for golf with associated plantings of mixed fairway trees. The field habitat is now designated as wood pasture and parkland, my understanding is that this is how it will need to be reinstated to comply with Natural England requirements. I also assume that the field must be renovated to a particular period in time? this in mind would i be correct in thinking all the exotic species that have been planted will have to be removed? if this is correct will i need to apply for a felling licence as we would remove in excess of 5 cubic meters or does this become irrelevant under the scheme?

please rescue a poor horticulturalist from his ignorance.
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