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Re: Entec Treebusta advice needed

Originally Posted by Always learning View Post
Hi All, I've just bought an Entec Treebusta and was hoping someone could help me out with a few questions?

1) Where can I get a manual?
2) Do they have a serial/model number and where is it? I have found the engine details (Kohler) but thought the chipper might have it's own?
3)It's very loud! Even when not chipping. Is this normal or do I have an exhaust problem?

Thanks in advance, Darren
1) As stated I'm sure Timberwolf can help: I got my 34-page manual from the private seller. If you get stuck pm me and I'll get a copy done (sorry Timberwolf!)
2) The serial number on my 1997 model is on the black and grey plate you can see halfway along the nearside in the pic
3) I'd say that loud is normal but you can tell the difference between a loud but correctly silenced engine and one that's not properly silenced; a holed silencer produces a raw, piercing sound; that's how I'd describe it anyway.

I bought mine from 'Joe', a gardener/landscaper in Stourbridge who went into electronics recycling only to regret it months later. Small world.

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