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Re: Honda mower clutch

Originally Posted by Tintin View Post
Firstly I would like to thank Spudulike for your wise advice with chainsaws that you share with all on the forum, it is both interesting and informative.

This is a slight derail and because of its content.

Can you help with this off topic request, We have a Honda rotary mower HR194 and the clutch is stuck i.e continually engaged and will only run as a direct drive (it rotates with the crank) I had it apart and could not find a problem. I guess something with a fine tolerance is worn, but I don't know what.

Best regards

Thanks for the good rep - only ever had one of these apart, this had the opposite problem, the gewarbox couldn't be engaged - turned out to be the actuation lever had sheared off where it clamps on to the gearbox shaft - think Pleasant is about right, seized up cable or damaged gearbox.

The guy I fixed the mower for said it nearly yanked his arms out of their sockets - did a bit of work on the carb as well
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