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Re: How much grease to put in timberwolf rollers??

Originally Posted by treequip View Post
There is no such thing as too much grease.
Daily is not too often and if you can do it while they are warm the cold grease going in will displace the warm stuff. Carry a grease gun with the machine and do it during the day. If you do it daily you donít need more than a shot in each.
Yeah do this and it will not last. Too much grease can make things go badly wrong, been fixing tractors and agri machinery for years. Do not put too much grease into a bearing it will blow it to pieces.

Cold grease in hot bearing you will burn the grease off when it goes in and it will drip away wasting the grease. Also causing a sudden cooling of the bearing causing the metal to become britle and possibly shatter, it's called hardening in the metal working trade.

Grease them as per maintenance schedule, if you do not know this then you have no book for the machine and these are free from the manufacturer.

Once a week is the usual for bearings being used all day, about every 40 hours. A few pumps from the grease gun should be enough. If it starts to come out from the middle of bearing then stop. Spin the bearing manually if possible to get and even spread of grease.

Always grease after washing the machine to remove and water from bearings or when it freezes it will expand bearings and cause them to explode, replaced quite a few in the past that have done this.
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