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Re: Nutrition

Fruit has it's place but generally speaking is a poor choice for lasting energy due to fructose(or fruit sugars) being simple carbs,good for spiking insulin but nothing more.
Also to correct a piece of incorrect advice 1 gram of protein to bodyweight will not provide any effect for bulking up that is a daily maintenance levelthat everyone should be adhering to,1.5-to 2 grams along with an increase in dietary fats will increase muscle size along with correct resistance exercise.Also carbs are over rated,no such thing as an essential carb.
For health eat like a caveman.Plenty fibrous veg,and quality cuts of fatty and White meat,and eggs and milk.That's all we were designed to eat and our bodies digestivly speaking have not changed since,however our eating habits have.
Modern grains and carbs are to blame for obesity and diabetes and digestive issuses most folk suffer in modern day times.
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