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Re: Tapers for splicing XTC ?

Originally Posted by old snake View Post
Hey Jim the crossover on 16 strand can take a while to get perfect. Either a bit skinny or wee little lump?
To get mine spot on i just imagine a kind of rectangle and your drawing an imaginary diagonal line from corner to to corner. The object is to lose about 50% from either tail so as you bury them they sit nice and snug

You've got my number mate if you need further assisstance

Your ropeguides all spliced up too just got to whip it and it'll be on its way.!
Cheers Hadleigh,

Think i've cracked it now. Only been removing 9 strands of the covers instead of 10. Also leaving 2 full strands of cover and core then tapering back from those in the crossover. Much better.

Can't wait to get that RG.
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