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Tapers for splicing XTC ?

Climbed on my splices for the first time today after finally being able to produce good , neat splices consistanly. Went well. I've still got confidence issues with it but i have made up a small rope to test to destruction vs a Bowline.

Anyway , when i was right up by my anchor point my hitch wouldn't grip the rope over the splice , i'm assuming its because its slightly smaller in diameter ? Now i have been using the Samson instructions but i'm sure someone mentioned only removing 9 strands for the taper on XTC ?

Also what length are people doing the crossover tapers on the cover and core ? The samson crossover is 11" and i've been doing around a 10" taper , i'm sure Samson say taper over 6.5" but i found that left a lump ?

Any tips ?

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