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Mike Dempsey
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Re: stolen 268xp

just found out soco found some blond hairs in the van that was done about 100m from my car.
I spoke to the van owner who, despite having a van full of expensive tools, only had a 200 digi camera nicked. He is the only one using the van and he has black hair so its off to the labs with them and with a bit of luck might get some dna evidence. There is a suspect for both thefts and I think the police have already visited him. My mate is a copper but is away just now so I have to get the official story from the pc investigating the thefts. When my mate comes back I will get hopefully an update from him.
I have checked all the free selling sites and it hasnt appeared yet. Thanks big J for keeping an eye out for me. They would have to be pretty stupid to try and sell it locally so Edinburgh/Dundee areas are a good place to get shot of the saw.

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