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Re: sharpening

Originally Posted by woodpicker View Post
what bollocks ,been doing it free hand for over 30 yrs & that includes sharpening chains ,never needed a grinder to correct my filing yet ,& never wil do,grinders do more damage than good ,any good man that can do it free hand will tell you that ,if you cant dress a chain properly, give asda a ring

Originally Posted by haforbes View Post
It's funny, when I did my cs30 it was like "now you can sharpen a saw". I suppose it's like when you pass your driving test but you can't really drive properly
I like your comparison, so now you need a few miles on the road!

Not sure i can word this right, but dont try and force the file when in the guide. You can flex the file enough to throw out the effect of having a guide to help you, so take your time and let the file "flow" accross the chain.

With practice you will be able to throw away the guide like Woodpicker says, and then get a truely "sharp" chain, that seems to not be achievable with a guide.

It may even take months or even years, but with patience you will get there.
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