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Re: Running

Spaking as a marathoner from a few years ago I need to also remove the spare tube around the waist for personal and professional reasons. In 3 months and the hiring of a trainer for a once a week lashing at the Y I lost 32 lbs and met my goal in time for my largest show to demonstrate my product. The results were great and I still have a few more pounds to shed. By the way I also gave up any items containing High Fructose syrup, white items excluding cauliflower, soda, candy, and only drank fresh juices, H2O, and skim milk. 1 protein between breakfast/lunch and lunch and dinner. Fresh fruit for desert. Work outs consisted if upper and lower body on various machines low weight and moderat reps. Biking and running on non gym days. Was at 232 lbs @ 6'3'' presently 198 lbs with about 15 to 18 lbs left to go. Never going back to sporting those spare tires again.
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