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Re: Splicing - Does it need to be certified?

id much rather have a splice that was built completely by hand than one which had already undergone 5 ton of pressure, im happy in the knowledge that no part of my climbing system has ever been subject to such strain. the end result is exactly the same, i assume this mechanical process only shortens the time and effort it takes to finish a splice, it definitely doesnt make it any stronger IMO.

nick i think you are right there shoult be a distinctive qualification in splicing, just like the cs units. would that stop people from doing it unqualified, no. but it would set a standard and it would promote the knowledge and understanding of how important it is to have splice constructed by a competant splicer.

i'd be angry if a LOLER guy cut off all of my splices, but im lucky as he actually did one of them himself.

great thread, hopefully it'll promote splicing safely rather than ban it so that bad splicers can do it on the sly for mates.
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