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re: It's time to wake up - and switch to Aspen Fuel

Originally Posted by Robert.S View Post
How much is it a gallon compared to unleaded ?

In terms of Aspen 2 - if bought directly from us at AAOIL we can supply you a pallet (54 - five litre cans) with free carriage at 11.03 each - 54 would be = 595.62
Or you could buy a 200 litre drum for 421.35
(price are excl. VAT)
Aspen has a shelf life of up to 5 years and the Aspen 2 is pre-mixed with 2% fully synthetic biodegradable 2 stroke oil.
If you would like to order a smaller amount to trial we could work out a deal on the carriage.

t. 01929 555975
Aspen - Fuel for professionals
Better for people, machines and the environment

Want to try Aspen but your nearest dealer doesn't stock it? Drop me a PM with their details and we will do our best to get them to.
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