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Re: Approved Contractor - review

Originally Posted by paulsbrash View Post
Just wonsering Paul.

It would be good if you could post a draught version of the mini contractor scheme on here before its roll out in finished form in January.

Although it may get shredded, it may just iron out sticking points that can be negotiated.

Not sure if that was your intention anyway?

I also wondered if there may be any industry regulation models from the states that would help to make it as inclusive as possible and not too hung up on deal breaker H&S stuff.

Any input from the TREEHOUSE may be helpful.
Hi 'Paulsbrash', thanks for the post!

Once I've got the go-ahead to release the details for comment I will do so.

Provided I get the 'draft' approved, and you employ/engage 'less than 5', I'm sure you'll be very happy with the H&S stuff as it will be based on the standard CHAS requirements (as taht's how we now accredit H&S compliance) which is actually little more than the signing of a 'declaration' commiting the company to a positive culture of H&S compliance. That said we would need to see that clearly demonstrated on the work site audit and I would still expect some level of 'written' risk assessment to be undertaken BUT, whilst ideally it would be, this needn't necessarily be to the lengths of the AA model for instance (and I acknowledge that the firm wouldn't produce written RAs for every job, particularly routine ones in the domestic to your ears?...hope so!)

Watch this space.

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