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Re: husky 346xp....HELP PLEASE

Originally Posted by evenangelseatbeans View Post
just used this saw for hedge laying in brecon on a farm,its was fine
the company i worked for had stihls [341s 60ish cc 2 of them died on the job and a 181,was going to take home for my 5 year old daughter]
back at you???
had huskies for years,this is the 1st time i have ever had a problem
at the end of the day this is not a my dads harder then your dad[ie which is best stihl or husqvarna]
i would like to say thanks for you reply
i would rule out water,the company i worked for did state when i used my saw that the mixture they were useing was the same 50-1
what happening now is when the chain brake is on you cannot turn the saw over[starter cord will not move]if you take chain brake off you can pull stater but there is compresion and the chain moves when you pull cord
thanks martyn
Was just having a laugh mate

Sounds like the clutch could be seized, as in its engadged and stuck in that position.

Just clean the clutch parts out, see if the springs are all intact. Easy to see on huskys as they've got out board clutches.
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