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Re: justice system wrong or right??

Originally Posted by TheTreeWiseMen View Post
The justice system in the UK is WRONG, plain and simple. If it were right, all you good, hard working people wouldn't be getting robbed all the time, would you? I've said it before and I'll say it again.......the robbing and thieving is only gonna stop when those involved are met with force and lethal force at that. That thieving little **** might think twice about going out the next night if he saw his friend getting shot dead when he broke into some poor bastard's house the night before.
The police don't help either. Why bother trying to nick the burglar? He won't get a custodial anyway.....let's go after the home owner, he's here cricket bat in hand, victim at his feet.....yeah, let's nick him, nice and easy and a GBH rap is alot more juicy than a burglary one......
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