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Re: justice system wrong or right??

well folks it is only going to get worse as i work part time for the probation service supervising unpaid work orders for the courts used to be community service.
all the 42 probation areas have to save at least 20% of their budgets over next two years and as high risk crims like murderers rapists and peoadophiles are high risk lower class of crims deemed medium to low risk i.e. burglars drink drivers and assaults both gbh/abh which tend to be the most violent crims will have have less supervision by the service.
the courts are in a mess anyway with most jails over full so magistrates have be told to "only send the most severe to jails" i would say that having anybody smashing you in th face with a glass bottle is serious and they should be jailed not just left out to do what they want...
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