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Re: Novozymes products.

Originally Posted by Lee Winger View Post
Are we talking about adding mychorrizal fungi spores to mature or newly planted trees? if we are talking mature, then adding mychorrizal spores is a waste of time, money and effort, rersearch papers have proven its snake oil, plus a large tree wouldn't have gotten large if mychor wasn't present, the trick is cultivate the mychor you already have...

P.S I must update my web site
Evening Lee,

I disagree with your above statement,

Now we should agree on the first part -

Mycorrhiza a naturally occurring fungi that has a symbiotic relationship with trees
The name means “fungus root.” It colonizes the roots of plants and extends itself into the soil so the plant can absorb additional nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. In return, the plant releases sugars to the fungi that are produced by photosynthesis.
Through this process plants are more able to survive extremes in temperature, poor soil, soil compaction, neglect, and various other problems. Mature trees benefit from applications of the fungi if they are living in poor or compacted soil and do not have adequate resident populations of Mycorrhizal.

Now the bit we can disagree on.

You’re not replacing the natural Mycorrhizal spores, but you are adding to them.

A really good analogy for this is a human can live on 1000 calories a day but what would happen if we try to compete in the Olympics? Some times you just need a bit more.

The problem with research is you can list 10 papers to say I dosen’t work and I can list 10 papers that say it dose work!!!

The Key is to make your own opinion on the matter, I believe the research that it does work, you believe the research that I dosen’t work

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